Design a Dress for Matilda Printable

Fashion has always played a major part in defining time periods in history. Even though the girls in Matilda’s Tudor age didn’t have Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s to shop at, they did develop their own unique styles and many of the ball gowns were works of art. In Matilda’s Keepsake and Secrets activity book that goes along with her book, Matilda’s Secret, there are a series of pages you can copy and then use as a blank slate for your own ball gown designs, create a riding outfit, a Christmas dress and other outfits for Matilda .

printable ball gown design coloring page

To print your own, click on this link for the full size image and then print it.

Once you have created your best dress, scan it and email it to and they will add it to their designer boutique gallery.

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  1. love it Char and firstie!!

  2. Anastasia says:

    A really cool idea for more outfit choices for Matilda.

  3. Cool! I found a wig that I fell in love with for emmie number 23 but there’s three ties …… Its from etsy it’s more on eBay for some reason and there the same sellers. Is Matilda Porciline? I probably spelled that wrong….

  4. This will be fun! I’m printing out multiple copies!

  5. How cool!
    So, we had a snow storm. :( But i’m okay. :) I’m at my grandparents for the day! There were trees falling down everywhere and we had a power surge! But, my family is safe! 😀

  6. coolness

  7. Chloe, I believe Matilda is vinyl.

    Love this! Will be printing these out as soon as my printer is hooked up.

  8. Yes, Matilda is vinyl

  9. Julie doll up above is me I forgot to change it back to me

  10. Amelia’s photo is officially up!!!!!

  11. I just saw that too! I saw Amelia and her collection at the Toy Fair – you will love it!