Of course this dollhouse had to have a room of creativity!!  The sewing room was created!  We set up different areas in the room so my daughters could both play together in the same room…at the same time.


One of the crafts for this room was a Sketch Line Holder.  Supplies needed are:  wood spools (I used spool beads), string of choice (I chose a paper jewelry cord), mini clothes pins, and doll fashion sketches.  All of these supplies were found at my local Michael’s craft store.   I found these sketches on a Google search and scaled them down in Microsoft Word, printed them out, and my daughters colored them in with design choices of their own.

The string was wrapped around each spool and glued into place with a tiny amount of hot glue.  Make the length at your desire.

The Sketch Line was hung to the wall with poster putty.  The sketches were attached to the line with the mini clothes pins.

I think the Sewing Center and Design Center came out super cute!  The sewing machine and accessories are from an Our Generation Sewing Set I purchased at Target.

For additional information on the sewing accessories that are pictured in this post please see here:  http://dolldiaries.com/a-cozy-wood-stove-and-sampler-for-your-dolls/

I hope JoJo can finish the elf pjs in time for Christmas!

The doll pictured is from the My Life line at Walmart.  The Elf pjs are from The Queen’s Treasures.  The sewing table, picnic table, stand up mirror, dress rack, and dress form were made by Payne Street Doll Boutique.