To decorate the dollhouse patio my daughters and I decided that there should be a fire pit.  Fire pits always seem to make an outdoor space cozy and inviting.

I found an inspiration real fire pit picture to get my creative ideas going.  I came up with a very simple idea and my daughters were thrilled with the results.

Supplies included: the inner rings of two 5 inch cross-stitch hoops, a five inch terracotta pot base, mini Popsicle sticks, bronze or copper colored paint, black paint, hot glue gun, Alenes’s Tacky Glue.

First I made a mark every two inches around each ring.  I hot glued the end of each stick to the bottom ring.  I used tacky glue to attach the sticks to the top ring because I need some wiggle room to get the sticks in place.  I let the fire pit base dry and then painted black to give it a wrought iron look.  Next, I painted the pot base a copper color.  I painted a tea light candle brown to blend in with the logs.

Simply assemble the pit by resting the “copper bowl” inside the “wrought iron base.”  Layer twigs around the tea light candle.  This tea light flickers for extra detail!

I think the fire pit looks pretty close to the inspiration picture!  What do you think?

 My daughters were ready for their dolls to start roasting some marshmallows!  For more information on the telescope see here:


The doll sweater was a handmade gift from my mother-in-law.  She makes my daughters and I super cute doll clothes; my daughters call her designs, “Grandma  A’s  J&J designs.”  The J&J standing for my daughters, Jayla and Jemma.

Come back soon to see the Tiki torches that were made for the patio when I do my “Lighting For Your Dollhouse” post.