My daughters love using Target’s mini Circo babies in their doll play.  These dolls make great baby siblings to their 18 inch dolls.  When the dollhouse was designed my daughters wanted one room dedicated to these babies.    These babies could be Addy’s baby sister Esther, baby Polly for Felicity, or baby Phillip for Marie-Grace and Cecile.  


I did several Google searches on real nursery room decorating ideas.  One decoration that really popped out to me was all the beautiful wall decals that were used.  I wanted to replicate something similar in the dollhouse.  First I found a super cute tree clip art from an Etsy shop: .  I printed off two sets of the print onto Avery Clear Sticker Project Paper for Inkjet printers.  I cut out the tree (1/2 inch border all around).  I peeled off the backing and attached over the changing table along the center back wall.  With the second print-out I cut it up into branches and arranged them in the corners of the room.  Extra little birds were cut out and attached to wall as well.


Here is a close up of the tree sticker decal.  The stickers were stiff enough that they did not bubble and removed easily to be repositioned.


I found a mini puzzle mat on an eBay search.  I think with shipping the mat was $5. 


I did remove the #9 block.  This was needed when I repositioned the squares into the size I needed the rug to be in the room.


All of the baby beds are from Target’s mini Circo baby doll line.

For more information on the changing table see here:

For more information on the Circo mini babies see here: