As in most living rooms, you display pictures of your family and friends.  When I found this wood cluster of frames at my local Michael’s Craft Store I knew I wanted to make it into a cool 3-D piece of art for the dollhouse.

I started by lightly sanding the edges.  I then spray painted the frame.  To add a little shabby chic flair I cut out a background from a patterned cardstock paper.  I used Aleene’s Tacky Spray to attach to the wood surface.  I love using this spray when working with paper because it does not give the bubbled up appearance under the paper like the thicker squeeze glues.  I then hot glued a bead into the middle of each frame.

 I placed a small amount of kneaded poster putty on top of each bead.  Next I printed out 6 pictures of dolls of my daughter’s choosing.  Each picture was 2 inches square.  Those pictures were each cut out and laminated.  I used self laminating sheets.  Leaving a small margin, each laminated picture was cute out and attached to the putty.  I love the 3-D look of the pictures.  Plus, the photos can easily be removed and changed out.


I attached the frame cluster with Command Velcro Strips and hung on the living room wall.

Here are more living room ideas:

Google a landscape picture of your choosing, print and cut, and place in a photo frame to make a window.  Accent the space with cute pillows; using iron-on decals for extra detail.  The lamps photographed are locker lights from Pottery Barn Teen.  The rug is a locker rug found at Toys R Us.

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