Every laundry room needs a storage space for all those cleaning supplies.  To help with the storage in this room, I made a utility shelf.


Supplies included a precut piece of craft wood found at Michael’s craft store (this piece was 0.25in x 3in x 9.5in – it came in a package of two), fine sandpaper, paint of your choice (I used silver spray paint), L brackets, Command Velcro strips, and Aleene’s Glass Glue.

First I sanded and then painted the wood piece.  Next I attached one side of the Command Velcro strip to one side of the L bracket.  Using Aleene’s Glass Glue, I glued the other side of the L bracket to the wood shelf.  I let the glue dry.

I peeled of the paper covering of Command Velcro strips and used a leveler to help attach the shelf to the wall.  I found a cute laundry room wall art sign on a Google search and printed it out on sticker paper.  For more information on these dollhouse wall decals see here:  http://dolldiaries.com/decorate-your-dollhouse-nursery/ .


The washer & dryer, ironing board/iron and soap supplies are from Our Generation’s Laundry room found at Target.  This set is now available in pink or aqua.  Pink was the only option when I purchased this set last year.  The laundry baskets were found in the dollar bins at Target.

The laundry never ends!!