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My daughters couldn’t wait for the crafting to get done with this room in their dollhouse.  They were so excited with the results.  What dollhouse would be complete without a space for your dolls to pamper themselves?!

A set of shelves was made by painting and gluing together mini wood crates found a Michael’s craft store.  These crates had to be painted, not stained, due to a large amount of glue on them.  These crates worked well for this project, but they are not the quality of crates used in the dining room shelving.

I recycled bead containers to make decorative bathroom decanters.  I hot-glued beads and buttons to the containers to create stems and handles.  I placed sea salt in one to resemble bath salts.  I cut down paint sponges to create bath sponges and placed them in the larger container.  I filled the rest of the shelves with light up flickering tea lights.  The bottles are from Our Generation bath sets.

The block glass window was made from a picture found on a Google search and a recycled 5×7 frame.  The picture was laminated.  I did not want any real glass in the dollhouse just in case the frame would ever fall.  The frame was attached to the wall with Command Velcro Strips.  Below is a PDF of the block glass for your use.

Block Glass PDF

Silver Command hooks were attached to the bathroom wall for robes and towels.  A basket with magazines was placed next to the tub.

Bathroom wall art was made from finding a cute saying on a Google search and printing it on Avery clear sticker paper.

The toilet paper holder was made out of a 6 ¾ inch candle stick holder.  I used a coping saw and cut off the top candle cup and bottom base.  Then I used a wood end cap and drilled a hole on each side.  I glued the cap to the remaining middle portion of the candlestick.  Then the holder was painted silver.  I used gold decorative floral wire and threaded it through the holes in the end cape.  I bent each side of the wire down around and folded into each end of the toilet paper roll.  The toilet paper roll was made out of a black straw cut down to 1 ¼ inches.  I cut plain white computer paper into 1 ¼ inch strips and wrapped them around the straw until I got the desired thickness.  I think I used close to two sheets of paper.  I attached each strip with clear tape.  At the end I used a glue stick.

The sink and tub are from American Girl.  The toilet is from Payne Street Doll Boutique.  I have no idea why American Girl has not created a full bathroom set since larger scale dollhouses are so popular.  I emailed my ideas to them years ago!  A potty was created for the Bitty dolls…why not the larger ones?  Plus, the potty could very well be considered “historical.”  I remember watching Little House on the Prairie when the Olsen’s got their indoor bathroom….  Okay, I’m off my soapbox.  Hehehe.

My daughters were ready to start playing!  Enjoy!