Ever since I saw American Girl’s Doodle Backpack Set this summer I have wanted to make a backpack for dolls that you really can doodle and decorate yourself.  The past few years I have noticed all kinds of doodle projects on the toy and craft aisles, from doodle purses to doodle stuffed animals. Combining those two ideas I made a simple doll size backpack that you can add your own color and pizzaz to.

Made with black and white fabric, you add the color with fabric markers.  For this little backpack I loved it only partially colored.  You can doodle and color it the way you like!

Depending on the black and white fabric you use, your project will take on different flares.  I had a hard time deciding but finally settled on the zebra print.

Here are the supplies you will need for this project.


Follow the link to the pattern to make the backpack.  It is a really simple sewing project and great for beginners or kids, with an adults help of course!

With a completed backpack you will be ready to pick a color combination.

Test the colors out on scrap pieces of fabric.  I had certain color combinations in mind that were different from the marker colors so I tried blending the colors and it worked beautifully!  You may want to experiment with this technique to tweak the colors.

The blue marker is the only one I didn’t blend.

Here are the combos I used:

  • Pink- I use pink, then lavender and then pink on top.
  • Orange- I used orange, then red and orange on the top.

I can’t tell you how much blending made a difference to really get the color combo I wanted!  Knowing you can blend your colors really opens up so many more color possibilities!

You decide how much or how little you want to decorate the backpack.

This project would be fun to do with kids.  Really it would be fun with so many different ages because it can be decorated as simple or as detailed as you like!

Just in case you are interested here is more about today’s post.

  • Doll- Kit is an American Girl Historical Character
  • Outfit-Shirt is from Mixed Prints, Madame Alexander, Doll Outfit. Skirt is a tutu from Springfield Collection.  Hair ribbon tutorial is here.
  • Scene-Backdrop is Fabric
Decorate, Color, Create!