Doll Diaries 100 Days of Doll Play

It’s Day 1 of our 100 Days of Doll Play series and I am just SO excited about today’s activity! What better way to kick off summer than to head out to the Ice Cream Shop or have an ice cream party for your dolls? Since American Doll Houses is our sponsor today, I used their Ice Cream Shoppe as our backdrop, but you can gather your girls together just about anywhere to have a fun ice cream party.

Doll Diaries Ice Cream Party

Our girls have all gathered at the Ice Cream Shoppe to celebrate the end of the school year and discuss what they are going to do all summer long! Addison (BFC Ink), McKenna (American Girl) and Lily (Ellowyne) all wanted ice cream cones but Madison (Springfield Doll) and Missy (Little Miss Matched) really thought popsicles sounded better on this hot day!

How to make ice cream cones for dolls

It is super easy to make ice cream cones for your dolls!! All you need is paper, glue and a cotton ball. At first I considered making the cones with brown construction paper, but then I got a better idea! I thought it would be more realistic if it had a waffle pattern on it. And then I thought it would be even better if I could share that with you.

Printable doll sized ice cream cone pattern So, I made a printable for you!! You can print out the page and then follow the instructions to make two ice cream cones for your dolls. If you need more cones, just print more pages. Fill the ice cream cones with a cotton ball topped with sprinkles, a cherry or even drizzle some brown paint to look like chocolate. Or twist together different color pipe cleaners to make “soft serve” ice cream like Lily’s lemon lime sherbert twist in the top photo. Use your imagination and be creative!

Click here to download the doll ice cream cones printable as a PDF file.

If your dolls want popsicles or ice cream on a stick, go to Karen’s craft for today and learn to make frozen treats for your dolls. I made a bunch of them in just minutes this morning and they are so cute. I added an extra cut to my popsicles so it looks like the dolls have already taken a bite out of the treat. I also found that if you don’t have coffee stirrers, pipe cleaners make great handles, too.

Have a great doll day and visit us again tomorrow for another doll play idea!

PS – Our readers are having fun with this activity!! Here are a few of the photos we have received of the dolls enjoying their ice cream.

Lauren’s dolls Chrissa and Elizabeth are enjoying their yummy cones.

Chloe’s Kanani is loving her popsicle.

Alexia used mini pom-pons for her ice cream scoops. CΓ©cile and Marie Grace are enjoying their ice cream cones at CΓ©cile’s birthday party.