The joy of dancing whether Ballet, Jazz, Modern dance, Classic dance, etc will be enjoyed by our dolls this year.  It does take hard work and lots of practice, but the results can be fantastic!  So lets start the 2014  New Year with our first mini photo story which includes all the new clothing pieces of Isabelle’s collection.   Let’s listen to the “Dance Studio News….

Our story begins with Lanie practicing her turns in front of the mirror. Lanie is very stylish and loves the more modern look.  She loves the sparkles on her purple skirt and the midriff top.

Marisol is more traditional and wears her scrunchy pants and wrap around sweater over her leotard. She loves the color purple.  Here is she doing her stretch exercise, since it is a very important step for a dancer.

Dabbie finally arrives, she loves the color pink and all the different shades of pink. She is wearing the funky pants with a ribbon on the leg, a pink skort and the coral sweater over the rosette leotard.  Hi Lanie and Marisol said Dabbie.  Sorry I am late but the bus broke down and we had to wait for another bus to arrive.

Marisol is the first to greet Dabbie.  Have you heard the news Marisol said to Dabbie?  What news? replied Dabbie, she was very surprise because she usually was the first to know about what was going on in the dance studio.

Before Marisol could say anything, Lanie joined the girls. Hi Dabbie said Lanie.  We have been waiting for you.  We have exciting news! What is it? Please tell me, said Dabbie, I can not wait any longer.  Both Marisol and Lanie spoke at the same time, we have been selected to join the most prestige Dance Studio in New York, the Hart Dance Studio!  You are coming with us, too!   Dabbie could not believe it, that has been her dream since she was  6 years old.

Lanie and Marisol hurried to practice their foot positions using the barre.

Dabbie quickly started to change to her ballet slippers so she too could join her friends.

As the three friends practice together, they could not stop thinking of their next performance and being part of the Hart Dance Studio.

Did you notice Lanie’s and Marisol’s up do’s?  How would you like to learn the few simply steps for these hair styles?  Well stay tune for next’s weeks post….

Fun Facts:
1. Backdrop and flooring was made by me with foam board and wrapping paper.  Mirror from Pottery Barns Kids, Barre is from Walmart’s doll collection, they went on sale for $2.50 before Christmas.
2. All outfits were from the AG Isabelle collection.
3. Studio posters were from the internet.