While Diana was on vacation, she and her doll Dabbie, visited the American Girl store. I love seeing photos of the various stores and their displays and Dabbie is going to give us a first hand tour!

Entering the store.

Right hand side of the store is dedicated to the modern dolls.

The historical dolls are in the front of the store, this the towards the back where the My American Girl displays are at.

Here is one of the My American Girl doll displays.

The Salon area can accommodate several dolls.

Create your own t-shirt boutique – doll t-shirts are $10 and girls are $24 (from Char – in my opinon, the doll t-shirts you can create in stores are one of the best values at AG – they make a very affordable and personal memory of your visit).

Dabbie with Saige and the Hot Air Balloon.

Dabbie and Caroline, going back in time.

Dabbie wanted to play with Garnet, the baby calf.

Dabbie came back to the modern world and visited with the sporty girls on roller skates and scooters.

Thanks Diana for sending these in! They are always fun to see.