So did you ever take that perfect photo, just to realize later that your dirty sock was in the picture or the contents under your bed were more interesting than the expression on your doll’s face? I want to take a few minutes this evening to show you how E-A-S-Y it is to learn how to crop your images so the focus is on your doll!

Yes, this is an unfiltered, uncropped photo of my doll space tonight. You can see it is two American Doll Rooms side by side on top of a desk that is covered in a table cloth so that I can store doll stuff underneath. It is in front of a window, and yes, there are dolls stacked up in the “other room” where the kitchen set is. I wanted you to see this. Why? Because this is what LOTS and LOTS of my photos start off looking like and I want to teach you how to make your doll photography better, too.

How to crop a photo

Before I post photos, I almost always edit them first. I open up my favorite photo editor – PicMonkey –ย and select my image. Next, I choose the top editing category – Basic Edits (it looks like a square with overlapping sides). I choose CROP and then a box appears over my photo. You can crop your photo using specific numbers, but I think it is more effective if you use your mouse and adjust the size and shape of your box by moving the sides of the crop box.

Play around with different sizes and focal points in your crop. Once you have decided that you have the right picture and are ready to “cut out the junk” just double click on the box and magically all the extraneous JUNK in your photo is gone!

Once the junk is gone, click on the resize box and decide how wide you want your photo to be – the height will adjust itself. For Doll Diaries photos it should be 540 pixels wide.

how to crop a photo

Presto!! A completely different photo! Isn’t that better? From here you can use more tools in PicMonkey to do things like, add text, shapes, special effects, adjust your brightness and all sorts of things. The best thing you can do is just get in there and EXPERIMENT!

how to crop a photo

Same photo – different crop area and focal point!

how to crop a photo

And if this is the only photo I showed you, you would not have even know there was furniture in the photo!

What do you think? Doesn’t the photo look better when you take 5 minutes and cut out the junk?

What if you are taking photos on your iPad or iPhone (or any mobile device)? There are loads of apps that let you crop your photos, add text and special effects before you share them. The one I use on my phone is PicLab and Natalie likes one called Phonto.

Are posts like this helpful to you? If so, I will try to incorporate more photography and blogging tips in my posting schedule.