American Girl Purchase with Purchase Sweater

Madelon stopped by the American Girl Tyson’s store last night and while she was there she picked up the current Purchase with Purchase sweater for their dolls. 

The sweater is $16 with any purchase of $50 or more in stores. You can also get the deal if you call a store and place your order over the phone with them. The sweater is long and has 5 tiny buttons – which may be an issue for little hands. It also comes with a blue headband.

Many of the purchase with purchase items that AG offers are left over stock from retired items (like the Photography outfit was), but I don’t recognize this sweater from anything. Does anyone have any insight?

PS – Headed out to Natalie’s swim meet. I have at least 1-2 more things to post later including the start of yet another giveaway… Have a great Saturday!