The campers are taking a Cupcake decorating class this morning led by Ivy.

Ding! “Hello girls, welcome to Sweet Success! We are so glad you are joining us today for the Cupcake Decorating Class!”Ivy said as she greeted them.


Let me give you a tour of the shop and show you what you will be creating today before we get started.

“Just look around,”Ivy said.

“Wow this all looks so amazing!”Gwen said.

“Would you like to sample anything before we get started?”Ivy asked.

“No thank you,”Callie said.

“There is so much to chose from!”Callie said as she looked.

“Well here at Sweet Success we do have a large selection,”Ivy replied.

Beep, beep, beep!

Ivy walked over to the oven.

“Oh and here are some cupcake that are freshly baked and frosted!”Ivy said.

“Oh wow those look great!”Callie gushed.

“You will be learning how to make designs like these today!”Ivy exclaimed.

“Ummmm… I will take one black cherry and one strawberry whip,”Callie said.

“Okay! What do you want?”Ivy said as she turned towards Gwen.


The girls are having a quick taste of the cupcakes and will then be getting their aprons and heading to the classroom to work on their cupcake decorating techniques. Check back later this afternoon for part two and enjoy your day!