I love that the new American Girl of the Year doll McKenna’s outfits are including doll hairstyle instructions. One of the hairstyles that McKenna wears is the crown braid:

Crown Braid hairstyle for dolls

The crown braid is one that my gymnast daughter Megan wears in her hair all the time. She either does the crown braid or a variation of it called the crown twist (two strands of hair instead of three) and then pulls in back into a ponytail for gymnastics practice. She decided to do a You Tube tutorial for you on how to do this hairstyle for your dolls using our MyAG #39 (Calista) as her model. Calista is wearing one of the retired American Girl leotards. Because McKenna has no defined part, you can start her braid further to the side, but it still works well on Calista.

I actually didn’t realize Megan had uploaded this video – she must have made it when I was not home because she has her music playing in the background of the video instead of a song we lay in over the top usually.

If you want a few more ideas for “gymnast” hairstyles you can do on your dolls, check out this post I did a few years ago on one of my other sites – Pictures of Hairstyles for Gymnastics and Cheerleading. Yes, that is a younger Megan in photos 1 & 2 and yes, I did those hairstyles on her.