Creative Doll Storage

A Doll Diaries reader, daezy3, sent in a photo of the custom storage solution her Dad made for her dolls. Pretty cool! The cabinet is about 4 feet tall and looks like it holds a ton of stuff!


The left part of the picture is what the cabinet looks like closed and the right side is all the different storage areas.

You can see more creative doll storage ideas like:

If you have a great way of displaying or storing your dolls and their accessories, take a picture and send it to

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  1. O that IS coolio!! I need my dad to make my one ; ) lol Firstie!!

  2. Oh, I like that! I don’t need that at the moment because, well, I barely HAVE any AG clothes! But Mom DID order me one outfit, so maybe she’ll order the others I asked for: All under $31! :)

  3. Plush Queen says:

    Which outfits do you have?

  4. This is sooo cool and organized, it’s 2 bad that I have to many AG clothes to fit in that tiny storage case! But maybe I can find a bigger 1. LOL:)