We have so much wonderful stuff for our dolls.  I mean we have clothes, shoes, accessories, sporting equipment, holiday decorations, furniture, pets and so much more.  Keeping it organized has been a challenge until now.  We finally decided to create a solution so our time spent playing with them can be creative time as opposed to organizational and trying to find stuff time.

We went to The Container Store and bought clear shoe box containers and the ones that are half that size (called accessory boxes), 6 of each.  We also found some really fun LITTLE clear containers that worked out great for storing little things.  We also put a Command Hook on the outside of a “cubby” to create a place for coat hanging.

Zoe’s favorite box is the one that has six little boxes inside.  it is meant to be used for photographs but we decided it worked perfectly for doll things.

We got an extension rod at Target and put it in one of our “cubbies” to create a “closet”  for hanging clothes.

We really LOVE the little small mini storage box with the handle.  It holds the little hair accessories perfectly and also works as a little travel purse.

Doesn’t she look adorable carrying it, like she is getting ready to finish packing for a sleepover party.

Which organizing technique here do you like the most?  I would love to know if any of these ideas work for you?

Happy Organizing,