So, we are snowed in – really, and its not much fun. Once the power finally came back on my daughter and I were watching TV and saw a commercial for the Harumika fashion line. Harumika is not really a doll, but rather a doll form that you can create and display your own fashions on.

Immediately we had to go check out the Harumika web site and decided this is a pretty cool concept! Depending on the set you get, there are fabric pieces, jewels and the special design stylus, accessories and charms. Girls can design their own line of fashions, then take photos of them and upload them to the Harumika site.

Personally, I like the Harumika Bridal Wedding Collection with Dressing Room the best and will definitely be looking for these next time we are out and about – if this horrible snow ever melts!

The Harumika line of of fashion sets are available at Amazon, Target, Walmart and ToysRUs from what I can tell. Do any of the Doll Diaries community have Harumika yet? What do you think of it? Are they easy to play with?