Karen here and like many of you I saw the new Isabelle items that were added to the American Girl Website last week and I was so excited with Isabelle’s Makeup set. When I saw it I thought about the Altered Match Box Crafts I used to do and I knew it was an item that crafty girls like you would love to make as well!

To create your own you will need:

  • 6 match boxes ( I bought mine at the dollar store and it came in a package of 10 boxes for $1.25) * if you are uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing match boxes you can make your own.  I have successfully used  Rachel’s Match box template which can be found by clicking here
  • Duck Tape in Black, Silver and Pink
  • Scissors
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • 6 small buttons
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue Stick
  • Aleen’s Max Tacky Adhesive
  • 1 Bobby Pin
  • Markers in Pink Purple and Red
  • Hair elastics

Step 1- Empty your match boxes with your parent’s supervision and have them safely discard or store them, or print out and cut out and assemble 6 boxes.

Step 2- Separate the sliding part of the boxes and set aside, these are the drawers for your kit.

Step 3- Use your glue stick and glue three boxes on top of each other then repeat on the remaining 3, then add more glue to combine the boxes together to make your drawer stand.

Step 4- Wrap your boxes together using your black duck tape.

Step 5- Cover the top, bottom and sides with your black duck tape. Then for added structure on what will be the back side of your drawers add tape between the boxes.

Step 6- Once you have finished covering the box, move on to covering the drawers, one at a time.

Step 7 – Glue one button to the center of each drawer and allow to glue

Step 8- Once the glue is dry slide your drawers back in.

Step 9- To create the mirror part of your Make Up kit, turn the box over on to some cardboard ( I re used the cardboard from my Duck tape Roll) trace it with a pencil and then cut it out.

Step 10- Next cover one side of the cardboard with Silver Duck tape, I used a flat sheet of Duck tape, which is really easy to use! Cover the other side with more black tape.

Step 11- On the silver side use more black tape to “frame your Mirror”

Step 12- Cover the top of the drawer box with pink Duck Tape

Step 13- Attach the “Mirror” To the drawers as shown in the photo above, using a piece of black Duck Tape

Step 14- Use more black Tape on the opposite side, this will help hold your mirror up.

To make a Make Up Brush for your dolls:

Step 1- Open a bobby pin, bending it open slightly

Step 2- Cut a piece of black tape from your roll, fold it over and use your scissors to make thin snips in the tape making your “bristles”

Step 3- Use more of your black tape to tape your “bristles” to your bobby pin

Step 4- Wrap the remainder of the bobby pin, now your handle, in Pink Duck Tape

Step 5- Embellish the area between the “bristles” and your “handle”

To make the “Make Up” for your drawers cut a piece of paper that will fit in your drawer. Then use your markers to draw the make up on the paper. Place in your drawers. Fill your other 5 drawers with doll sized elastics, dolly jewelery and other small doll accessories.

I hope you have fun making your own dolly make up kits. I can not wait to see what you make!