Karen here and today I am sharing with you my new Doll Diaries Camp Camper Alice who like me loves Earth Science! Her passion is Volcanoes which means she loves the Earth Science of Volcanology! Isn’t that a fun word to say? Earth Science was my favorite science in school and today I wanted to share a fun and easy Science Camp Craft you can make for your dolls!

To make your own Volcano and Tri Fold Display Board you will need:

Step 1- Cut off one of the egg cups from your egg carton.

Step 2- Cut a piece of cardboard 4 inches by 3 inches

Step 3-Use your Aleen’s Tacky Tape Runner to adhere your egg carton cup to your cardboard as shown in the photos above

Step 4- Paint your egg cup brown and let it dry.

Step 5- Use your Scribbles Red paint to create “rivers of lava” and run them down the sides of your Volcano. Add the Yellow paint as an accent color. Top with some of the Cotton ball or fiber fill to represent the steam or ash cloud from your Volcano. Allow it to dry. Write your dolls name on her project or just the word Volcanoes.

 To create your own Tri fold display board:

Step 1- Cut a piece of cardboard 9 inches wide by 4 inches tall.

Step 2- With your ruler measure 2 1/2 inches from each end and make a mark at the top and bottom. These will be your fold lines. Use your ruler edge to help you fold the cardboard in towards the center.

Step 3- Measure your scrapbook paper to fit your tri fold board and cut out.

Step 4- Use your Aleene’s Tacky Tape runner to adhere your paper to your tri fold board

Step 5- Write out some fun facts about Volcanoes on white paper and then cut them out. Use more of your Tacky Tape Runner to attach them to your board. You can make small drawings and stickers to decorate your board.

Alice and I are very proud of our finished project! We hope you like it! We will be back with more Dolly Science fun later in the week!