Baking Class

My daughters and I were thrilled with American Girl’s baking theme this year.  We love to cook and bake together.

WS&AG class

When Williams-Sonoma announced that they would be joining up with American Girl to offer a baking class my daughters flipped out!  Unfortunately, the closest Williams-Sonoma is 2½ hours away.  Plus, we were unavailable on the date the class was being held.   Bummer!  But, I had an idea! 

madeleine pan

During the class, WS was going to teach how to make Madeleine Cookies.   So, I purchased online a Madeleine Cookie Pan (and one of Grace’s spatulas) from WS and decided to surprise my daughters with a baking class of their very own.

Baking Class pics

We measured and stirred and poured!  We had a blast!  The cookies couldn’t bake fast enough!

Madeleine Doll Cookies

While the cookies baked, we played!  I set a doll scene up to match our own.

Madeleine Doll Cookies 2

I found a fabulous online shop that made doll sized clay Madeleine cookies!  The shop is Dolly’s Dining Room,   Karalee, the owner, did an amazing job creating these cookies.  I asked for a custom Madeleine pan and she was able to create one that matched perfectly to the real pan I ordered from Williams-Sonoma.    The doll cookies were so realistic that my daughters thought they were real cookies.  The Dolly’s Dining Room food items are well scaled and well priced.  I look forward to purchasing from them again.

Doll Madeleine Cookies

The Madeleine cookies turned out great!  We sprinkled them with a little powdered sugar.  Just yummy!  They were devoured in minutes.  I think my daughters liked them more because they made them themselves.  I don’t know about you, but I think the doll cookie looks exactly like the real thing!

Craft on!