I found my daughters stuffing doll shoes and clothes under their doll’s beds.  Then they couldn’t find where they had put these things and everything they had tucked away had to be pulled out from under that little bed.  I decided they needed a little tray that they could put their stow-away items on so they could easily pull it out to find what they needed.

In the craft wood section at Michael’s craft store I found these 7.5 x12 inch wood trays.  These would normally be used to create box art.  I used fine grade sandpaper and sanded them to a smooth finish.  Sorry I did not take a picture of the unfinished wood tray.  Once sanded, I stained each a similar shade to the wood flooring. I decided on stain so the tray would be hidden a bit better with the flooring.  I sprayed a light layer of sealant once the stain dried.  I placed felt pads on the bottom to make for easy sliding.  I used Phoomph covered in a decorative fabric to line the tray.

 The tray can easily be slid from the end or side of the doll bed.  Now all doll items can be easily organized and found.