Karen here and I recently learned how to do a “Slide Side” Braid for my longer haired dolls like my Maplelea Friend Doll I call Stacy. This is a really easy style you can do for your dolls hair with a little practice you can even try it on your own hair!

To create this look you will need:

  • Your doll
  • A doll hair brush
  • Spray bottle with water
  • A hair clip

Step 1- Sit your doll in front of you or if you have a hair styling chair place her in that. Mist her hair with your spray bottle being very careful not to get any in her eyes. 

Step 2- Take a small amount of hair from the side of her hair and dived it into three as shown in the photo above. Begin to braid your dolls hair.

Step 3- Once you get to almost the bottom, stop. Hold onto one strand of the braid while you slide up the other two. Your braid will begin to look like mine in the photo above. When you get to almost the top use your hair clip to secure the braid to the top of your dolls hair like I did. You can leave it one sided as I did or you can repeat on the other side.

Don’t forget to try it on your own hair too!