Note from Char: As an end of Summer community service project, the Camp DollDiaries campers will be giving back to the pets in their neighborhood. Let’s start things off with this fun activity from Karen!

Today I wanted to share with you a doll sized Rabbit Hutch I have made for my dolls new Rabbit. I found this perfect doll size rabbit at my local kid’s book store. It is a finger puppet made by Folkmanis Puppets. I knew I wanted to make a rabbit hutch to hold our new rabbit and here is what I came up with, a rabbit hutch made out of recycled items I just happened to have on hand. To make your own you will need:

-An empty, washed and dried ice cream container

-Duck Tape Brand Duck tape


-2 paper cups


-A marker


-Hot glue gun or Aleen’s Craft Glue

-Box cutter (*Have an adult help you with this.)

-A small stuffed rabbit

Step 1- Gather all your supplies and remove the lid from the ice cream container.

Step 2- Use your marker to draw a door on the side of the ice cream container. Have a grown up help you cut the door open along the lines that you have drawn. This door is how you will get your rabbit in and out of the hutch.

Step 3-  Use your marker to create the openings on both sides of your ice cream container that will allow you to see your rabbit!  Have a grown up help you start the holes and use your scissors to cut open the sides.

Step 4- Unroll the tulle from your roll and cut two pieces to fit the openings you created. Tear a piece of duck tape from the roll and tape the tulle on the inside of the container tape the top and bottom into place on both sides.

Step 5- Use Duck Tape to cover your ice cream container. Replace the lid on the ice container and cover it with more Duck Tape, this will be the bottom of the rabbit hutch.

Step 6- Create a handle for the side door using Duck Tape and tape it into place, this should be big enough for your doll to stick her hand in to open the door.

Step 7- Cover your two paper cups with Duck Tape and then secure them upside down to the lid of the ice cream container. Flip the hutch over on to it’s new legs.

Step 8-  Now that the rabbit hutch is complete you can decorate it with more Duck Tape, I made a flower with pink Duck Tape and buttons. To make your own flower, double over the tape and cut out petal shapes. I cut out 6 and then taped them together on both sides. Next I stacked the buttons on top of each other and secured them using glue. Then when the glue was dry I attached the flower to the completed rabbit hutch.

Now the rabbit hutch is ready for play! The rabbit can rest inside when not in doll play use and you can easily take the rabbit out for play time. I hope you enjoyed today’s craft!