Karen here, I heard that using Rit Dye on wood gives incredible color and I was anxious to find out just how well so for today’s craft I want to show you just how easy it is to use Rit Dye to stain a wooden chest to create a Hope Chest for your dolls.  For Christmas when I was 12 my Grandmother Alice started me on my china pattern which I still collect and use today. When I was given my first place setting of china, my grandmother said it was for my Hope Chest. I had never heard this before. My Mother explained that in my Grandmother’s day it was very important for girls to have a special box or Hope Chest to store items they would need for their home and entertaining later in their lives. So today’s holiday post is inspired by that gift I received so many years ago.

To create your own Hope Chest you will need:

  • A Wooden chest or box (I got mine at the dollar store)
  • Rit Dye, I used Cherry Red
  • A foam Brush
  • A glass jar
  • Gloves
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Paper to cover your work space

Step 1- Cover your work space.

Step 2- Pour a small amount of Rit Dye into your glass.

Step 3- With your foam brush cover the box with long sweeping strokes.

Step 4- Cover all areas you wish covered with the dye. If your box has areas that get dye on them and you do not want the dye to stay use your cotton swap or paper towel to brush it away. I started with paper towel but found that cotton swaps worked best.


Step 5- Use cotton swabs dipped in Rit dye to get dye into the tiny edges of your Hope Chest, over little nails and in tight spots your foam brush may not reach.


Step 6- When you have the color you are happy with on your box let it dry. Pour the remaining or left over dye back into your dye bottle or cover your jar and use it again for a future project. When your box is dry you can add to your dolls “Hope Chest” store her china or her special accessories.  I was thrilled with the results Rit Dye gave me on my Hope Chest and I think you will have fun making your own. This makes a great party or snow day craft!

I look forward to sharing more Holiday Craft ideas with you next week!