Inspired by this cute background by My Doll’s Life we have a candy counter at camp this week.


Can you spy all the cute details back there?  The jars of candy, the lollipop stand, the cotton candy and the dessert pedestal!  I chose a few of those fun details and created our own open candy bins, a candy jar, and a dessert pedestal.


Let’s take a look!


Let’s get started!

First we are going to make candy bins.  I saved the cutest little cups from a candy my kids like to make the candy bins.  If you don’t ever have this candy to save the wrapper then just use small containers.

To set the candy bins at a fun angle to show off the candy we are going to make a little stand they can sit in.

Fold a length of card stock back and forth accordion style with three ridges on one side.

Bend the fold line back in one of the dips.

Overlap the two ends and glue.  It will be shaped like pictured above.

It is the perfect little tray to hold a line up of candy cups.  These little cups are from the packaging of gummy hamburgers.  The gummy hamburgers that are individually wrapped each comes in a clear plastic cup.

Cut the different candies on the Candy Printable to fit in the cups, keeping it longer on the top and bottom.  Fold in the extra length to fit in the candy cup.  These will be the flaps to attach the paper with the tape runner to the cups.

Depending on the space you have, keep the tray long or cut it in half to layer it like pictured above.   Place a line of tacky glue to attach the cups to the paper tray.

Now for the dessert pedestal!  Cut of the bottom of a yogurt cup for the tray.  Leave 1/4″ of the cup sides.  To assemble, turn a spray whip cream cap upside-down.  Glue the tray portion to the cap.  With the clear lid placed on top you are finished!

You can always paint the base and tray to match.  I liked the color combination of ours so I decided to leave it as it is!

If you take a closer look at this same photo you can see various jars to hold more sweets.  The clear travel size shampoo bottle makes a fun shape and size to hold candy.

Mix and match these sweets and they make a fun candy counter for your dolls!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post:

  • Doll-Ivy is an AG Historical Character
  • Outfit-A Bitty Baby dress from American Girl
  • Scene-Backdrop is from My Doll’s Life.  Table is a vanity table from Springfield Collection.  Cafe table and chairs are from The Queen’s Treasures.  Cake is an eraser.  To make the lollipops or candy sticks use the tutorial here.  Mini glass jars can be found as a scrapbook item and in a pack holding nail glitter.  Floor is made by Anna with black and white paper.   Lollipop stand created by Anna.

 This has been a fun and tasty week at camp!