Karen here and I have been working on a fun and easy dollar store craft I hope you mini doll enthusiasts will enjoy! I had seen a photo of a larger more elaborate version of a bed and storage unit for the 18 inch dolls on Facebook and when I was in my local dollar store I was thrilled to see they had mini totes and pot holders that looked like quilts! The wheels started to turn and here is how I made a fun and cozy bed perfect for 6-8 inch dolls!

To make your on you will need:

  • A mini container with a lid
  • A set of pot holders
  • Peel and stick Velcro strips and dots
  • Aleene’s fabric fusion tape
  • Matching felt (to make pillows)
  • Fiber fill stuffing or tissue
  • Optional buttons and ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Your Mini Dolls


Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and remove the commercial tags from the pot holders. Use your scissors to remove the “hooks”.

Use the sticky back Velcro strips along the edges of the lid of your container. repeat on both sides. Remove the paper backing and press one of the pot holders on top of the sticky back velcro.

Step 2- Use Sticky back velcro dots to attach the top Quilted piece to the bottom one now, which is now attached to the lid.  Fold down the the top part of the potholder. Secure it in place with additional velcro dots.

Step 3- Make your doll bed pillows. Cut two pieces of felt 4 inches by 4 inches.  Fold the felt in half and secure two  sides with your Aleene’s fabric fusion tape stuff the felt with your fiber fill and then use more tape to seal your pillows closed.  Now your pillows are ready to be placed on your dolls bed.

Step 4- Use buttons and ribbons to decorate your dolls quilt.

I hope you enjoy making a mini doll bed for your dolls!

Your mini doll items can be stored along with your dolls in side your dolls bed!