My family loves to visit the aquarium.  This visit always puts us into a “beachy vibe” and longing for the ocean.  Today I will show you how to create a beach wreath for your dollhouse.


Yarn-I used Coats & Clark in Gumdrop

Felt- I used Kunin Felt in an aqua blue and tan

Styrofoam Ring-I used a 3.5 inch ring


Hot Glue Gun

Shell and Flowers

I purchased my Styrofoam rings from   The size for this wreath was 3-1/2 inches.  OR you can cut your own wreath using an Exacto knife and a 1 inch thick sheet of Styrofoam.  OR you could make a ring out of recycled piece of cardboard.

1.  I love how a beach sky has shades of blues, pinks, and yellows.  The Coats & Clark Gumdrop yarn gave my beach wreath a colorful sky pattern.  This yarn was found at Michaels.  Hot glue one end of the yarn and wrap around the wreath until the top half of the wreath is cover.  You will need several pieces of yarn to do this.

2.  I used cut stripes of felt and hot glued around the ring to resemble sand.  Cover the entire bottom of the wreath with the tan felt.  This tan Kunin felt was found at Michaels.

3.  Cut a circle of blue felt (Kunin felt found at Michaels) to the back of the wreath.

4.  Flip your wreath over to the front side.  The blue felt is now your ocean.

5.  Embellish your wreath with shells and flowers.

The wreath was hung from a mini command hook and fishing line on the dollhouse door.  A flip-flop door mat was created from a door mat image found on a Google search, printed, cut, and glued to a piece of thick black foam.

Craft on!