This post is part of the Random Acts of Kindness Campaign, sponsored by Consumer Crafts

One of the biggest reasons I love the Doll Diaries community is the joy we bring to others through creative play every day. I was recently asked to participate in a crafters’ Random Acts of Kindness campaign sponsored by Consumer Crafts and immediately I knew what I wanted to make and who I wanted to make it for.

A lady that my Mom met at her diabetes support group has a daughter who loves dolls, however, they can’t afford to get much for her doll right now. My Mom has been busy crocheting all sorts of fun little things for her friend’s daughter so I thought it would be fun to make her a doll trunk to keep some of her goodies in and to fill it with doll clothes and accessories she can enjoy.

Doll trunk craft

Our newest doll, Jasmine from Adora Dolls, is showing off the finished product – a cheery little box that can be used to keep little accessories but could also be used in a doll’s house as a piece of decorative storage.

Doll trunk craft

Let’s take a look at what I used:

craft doll trunk

The first thing I did was paint the bottom half of the box with red craft paint using a foam brush. If I make another one of these – which I probably will – I will paint the entire box first, including the inside of the lid and then I will start my taping.

Once the paint dried, I took strips of the Martha Stewart washi tape and placed it on the lid diagonally, wrapping and trimming the edges as needed. By using the package of coordinating tapes from Martha Stewart I didn’t have to worry about the patterns matching – they already did! I did two strips one direction then two strips the other direction and continued to layer the tape until the entire lid of the box was covered.

Before I added the finishing touches, I did seal the lid with ModPodge – just to keep the edges of the tape from lifting or peeling.

craft doll trunk

To finish off the box, I selected five buttons from my stash and glued them on to the box. The yellow star buttons actually had the loop in the back, but I carefully cut the loop off so they would glue on flat.

Random Acts of Kindness campaign from Consumer Crafts Doll Trunk

Jasmine carefully packed three outfits, a pair of shoes, a bracelet Natalie made for the little girl and a doll sized wreath into the box.

Random Acts of Kindness campaign from Consumer Crafts Doll Trunk

And the project is complete and ready to make a little girl and her doll very happy!

The paper mache boxes from Consumer Crafts (and other craft stores) are so much fun to work with! You can literally use any craft techniques on them so the options are endless!

I would like to thank Blueprint Social and Consumer Crafts for letting me be part of the Random Crafts of Kindness campaign and I really hope the little girl who gets this box enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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