Craft: Make Your Own Doll Shoes

One of our readers, Aunt Karen of North Vancouver, Canada has made some of the cutest shoes for her nieces dolls. She has offered to share her instructions for making your own doll shoes.

craft for creating shoes for dolls

What you will need to make to make your doll a pair (or several pairs of shoes)

  • 1 felt board (can be purchased at Michaels or other craft stores for about $1.29)
  • Ribbons (I used ribbons I had left from Christmas and ribbon I bought at Michaels in the $1.29 bin)
  • Glue  (I used a hot glue gun, if you are doing this as a party activity I recommend that you use craft glue or have a lot of adult supervision with the hot glue)
  • paper (to trace your dolls foot or existing shoe)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • *optional small buttons, beads or accessories to decorate the shoes

fun doll craft make shoes

How to make doll shoes to fit American Girl dolls

Step one – Trace your doll’s existing shoes or trace your doll’s feet on to a piece of paper.

Step two – cut out the tracing, this is your pattern for all the shoes you will ever need to make.

Step three
– place the pattern on to your chosen color of felt board, trace two for each shoe and cut out.

Step four – cut 2 – 3.5 inch strips of ribbon, (I used ¾ inch wide ribbon)

Step five
– using glue (I used hot glue as it is faster but white craft glue will also work) attach the ribbon approximately ½ inch from the toe, to the bottom side of the top part of the Shoe top. Then pull over the top and place shoe on dolls foot to measure tightness and angle of the ribbon, then attach with glue to the spot desired.

Step 6 – Once you have the ribbon in the spot you would like, apply glue all over the bottom and use the second felt piece to sandwich the ribbon. Hold and press down so that the felt pieces stick tight together.

Step 7 – make sure the shoe fits your doll and then if you wish to add more decoration then glue to the ribbon at this time.

Step 8 – repeat step 1-7 for the other shoe.


  • For the sandals with two straps cut two pieces of ribbon for each shoe.
  • The felt board will be enough to make about 12 pairs of shoes. With all the colors available the possibilities are endless. Fun and easy to make!

This is such fun craft idea and would be perfect for Girl Scout meetings, birthday parties, slumber parties or rainy day fun.

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