This is a guest post by Elizabeth.

Hi, it’s Elizabeth again. I’ve shared pictures of my Ellowynes and my Barbies before and now my American Girl Dolls want their chance in the spotlight!

American Girl Dolls

Here are four of my American Girl Dolls. I have a total of ten. They are wearing outfits I purchased from an Ebay seller. After purchasing Barbie outfits from eBay sellers in China I was curious if there were some nice quality reasonably priced American Girl outfits direct from China and wulang55 definitely fits that criteria. These particular dresses were buy it now between $13 and $16 and there were many different styles listed for even less than that. I was very happy with the quality of the outfits and with the shipping time, since it only took about a week or so for the dresses to get to me from China. And shipping was free!

American Girl Dolls

My Mom and I are both doll collectors so when I found the cute dresses on Ebay my mom got some too. I really like the colonial style dresses and Wulan55 had a several different colors and designs listed on Ebay. My doll is on the left and one of my Mom’s dolls on the right.

American Girl dolls

Two more of my Mom’s dolls dressed in the wulan55 dresses. I think the Alice and Minnie Mouses dresses are just so cute!

American Girl Molly as Little Red Riding Hood

This is the Little Red Riding Hood outfit being modeled by my Mom’s Molly doll. The outfit comes with a red cape but the dress was just too pretty to cover up with the cape. I was amazed the basket made it all the way from China without being broken…

Ellowyne Wilde Imagination dolls

Of course, with the aid of pins and ribbon sashes, somebody else wanted to try on the dresses I got… This is Rhiannon and Rhiannon 2, two of my Ellowyne’s (Both are “Raw Edges” Ellowynes). Originally I only had one Rhiannon, and I loved the name for her. Then there was a great deal on ebay for a second Rhiannon and I still haven’t given Rhiannon 2 her own name yet… Eventually one of them may get her hair taken down but identical twins are kind of fun.

Ellowyne Wilde Imagination dolls

Speaking of twins… Here are Amanda and Samantha (Both are “Going in Circles”). Samantha, on the right, is wearing one of wulan55’s wedding dresses, and it is gorgeous on her, though I spent a lot of time pinning it just right so it would look like this. I had two sets of twins because the ebay auction I got a great deal on was for Rhiannon 2 and Samantha together.. Emphasis on “had” because…

Ellowyne Wilde Imagination dolls

Here is a picture of my Mother’s Ellowyne collection, all four of which used to be mine. Amanda on the left is also wearing a dress from Wulan55. Next there is Samantha in the wedding dress with the veil on. Clarissa (“Uncomfortably Blue”) is wearing a doll dress my Mother purchased probably ten years ago (before Ellowyne even existed) at a doll store and then found she didn’t have a doll that it fit. Then here comes Ellowyne and it fit her perfectly! Unlike the other dresses I’ve been showcasing on Ellowyne, this one didn’t require any pins for it to fit. When I got my first Ellowyne several months ago (on the right, “Bon Voyage”) Mom said she was pretty but she’d let me collect them… However, Ellowynes are contagious.

Accolade dress from Carpatina

Here is the Accolade Dress from Carpatina made for slim bodied vinyl dolls. This dress is just stunning!!! My mother had bought this dress earlier and my Alice (“Bon Voyage”) doll had wanted to try it on, just for a picture or two, so my Mom said “okay” and I put it on Alice. As soon as it was on her Alice looked just so gorgeous neither my Mom nor I could even think about taking it off her so there she was, my doll and my Mom’s dress… Obviously one of us had to trade. So, since there was another Ellowyne I had my eye on, my Mom got her first Ellowyne! And very soon after the other three followed… Now my Mom is an Ellowyne collector too! And since I adore “Going in Circles” I got another one of those so now between us we have 3. I can’t make up my mind whether to name my new Going In Circles Amanda or Samantha since I like both names so at the moment, she answers to both.

Ellowyne Wilde dolls

On the left is one of my newest Ellowynes. Her name is Tabitha she is a “Timid Tan” Ellowyne. On the right is Ann (“Nothing Springs to Mind”). They are wearing 18 inch doll clothes I bought on sale at Hobby Lobby. That store has some doll clothes in the craft section. I also finally bought some shoes for my Ellowyne dolls. I got them at Juju’s Dolly Mall. The shoe prices are great! They also have American Girl doll shoes, and lots of other doll sized shoes and accessories.

doll dress made from a sock

Here is Rhiannon wearing an elegant dress made from a pair of knee socks purchased at the dollar store for $1. I’d seen some pretty amazing dresses made for Ellowyne dolls out of socks and was curious to try making one myself. However, my Ellowynes all insisted on my using new socks! So I bought a pair and took one of the socks. I put the open end just below Ellowyne’s knee, because that was how long I wanted the dress to be, and laid the rest of the sock up over her head. I then cut off the rest of the sock about an inch or two above Ellowyne’s shoulders. Then I cut about an inch and a half (actually longer than this, but try this length first and adjust from there) slit on each side of the sock down from the cut off end to make arm holes for the dress. Then I slid it onto Ellowyne aligning her arms with the slits I’d cut and folded down the raw edges on the top to face the inside of her dress and sort of overlapped the top edges and pinned them in place with two pins, one at each shoulder. Hopefully with the help of the picture you can figure out what I did, I might need to make a movie showing how… Anyway, it was an incredibly simple dress to make (although I did quite a bit of tweaking and cutting to get it just right, If you try this, remember you can always cut something shorter but it is hard to make it longer so do very slight adjustments until you get it right and give yourself extra length to begin with.). I think she looks quite stylish and sophisticated.

My dolls have been having fun with their new clothes! And I’m really excited because I’ve ordered the new “Plaid to Meet You” Ellowyne doll and she is wigged! I’ve also ordered some wigs for her and I can’t wait to take pictures of her in her new hairstyles!