I just LOVE seeing the wonderful doll play items you create! Cordelia has created quite a beautiful bakery for her dolls using items she already had on hand. Enjoy!!


Katherine and Rose have been very excited by the bakery theme introduced along with Grace’s release. Therefore, they decided to make their own bakery using supplies they already had, supplemented by a few new craft items from Michael’s (using the 20% and 40% coupons, of course!). In this overview of the bakery, you can see the results. The blue backdrop is a project board, the awnings and menu on the stand are from printables that Char provided for the “Paris Bistro” activity at Camp Doll Diaries and the counter and bakery stand are simply covered cardboard boxes. Katherine and Rose chose the blue, red and white colour scheme to go with France’s tricolour flag.

This is a close-up of the bakery stand with dollar store erasers and some OG and Queen’s Treasures items that we already had. The cute little box came with a set from The Queen’s Treasures and the Eiffel tower cookie is made from a sticker and foam.

Katherine and Rose take turns being the bakery store owner and the customer. The printables for the cash register and newspapers are from Rhonda at “Living a Doll’s Life”. Katherine is delighted to have a cash register from her era!

Rose has put together her outfit using pieces she already had. Her hat and shirt (with a sticker added) are from OG, her cardigan is from Springfield and her skirt and awesome boots are from Maplelea. She loves Diana’s idea for the Eiffel tower necklace! The bistro table is made from a candlestick that I already had and a piece of covered cardboard.

This is a close up of Rose’s charm bracelet made from a set of wine charms (used by some adults to put around wine glasses) that I had been given and wasn’t using—you never know what might be found for the dolls around the house.

The dolls have been having a delightful time playing with their bakery and testing all the sweet treats.


Thank you so much, Cordelia, for sending in these beautiful photos!!