I am still working on the Doll Diaries Picks of the Week post, but in the meantime, enjoy these photos of Cordelia’s Dance Studio.


Here is Katherine showing a delighted Rose the surprise she, with a little help from me, prepared for Rose while Rose was away for a sleepover. The idea and instructions for making the studio using foam board, hooks and a piece of dowelling came from “American Girl Doll Play with Jen and Zoey“, a blog which has been featured on Doll Diaries.
Rose is warming up with some stretching exercises on her yoga mat which Katherine made using foam and duck tape. I’m sure that this idea also came from Doll Diaries, but I’m sorry that I can’t remember from whom specifically.
Rose is proud to reach so high! The mirror is scrapbook paper and the “bling”, stickers, and hooks are from Michael’s Craft Store.
Katherine is holding up a mirror so that Rose can check her hairstyle. The “dressing table” is a pretty box that a gift came in with some ribbon now added to cover the product name. The stool is a slightly modified version of the craft shown on Doll Diaries. Most of the little accessories are OG items.
Much of the fun of dance for Rose is deciding what to wear! The “dance trunk” is also from Michael’s and the dance clothing and other accessories are from Isabelle’s collection and Maplelea.
Katherine and I had great fun putting this together for Rose and when it’s time to move on to another play idea, the studio packs up easily.
Thanks for the beautiful photos Cordelia! We received the Pirouettes and Plies outfit from Maplelea (available in the US via Amazon) to review and will be featuring it with detailed photos soon. The ballet shoes in the set are literally replicas of the shoes girls wear in the ballet studio and were made for Maplelea by a company that makes performance ballet shoes!