Australian Girl, American Girl and Journey Girls Dolls Side by Side

We have readers from all over the world and believe it or not, quite a few of our most loyal readers are from Australia! Australia has its own line of dolls, called Australian Girl Dolls and they are a little bigger than American Girl dolls. Erin has been kind enough to take some photos of her dolls so we can see the size comparisons between Australian Girl, American Girl and Journey Girl dolls.

Hello everyone. My name is Erin and I am giving you a doll comparison of Australian Girl, American Girl and Journey Girl Dolls. Excuse the terrible quality, I took these on my iPad, plus I’m still recovering from getting my tonsils and adenoids out a couple of days ago.

Australian Girl doll, American Girl McKenna, Journey Girl doll

These are the dolls. Jasmine (left), is an Australian Girl Doll Jasmine, who retails at $119.00, due to her size and the amount of vinyl being used. American Girl Doll McKenna is in the centre. She retailed for $110.00 and has since retired. Journey Girl doll Kelsey is on the right. She retails for 20-30 dollars in some countries, but for me in Australia, she retails at $49.99. Jasmine is 50 centimeters tall (20 inch), McKenna is 46 centimeters (18 inch) and Kelsey is 45-46 centimeters tall (18 inch).

With much convincing, the girls decided to strip down for you (it is quite embarrassing!). As you can see, Jasmine and Kelsey have a 3/4 soft torso and a 1/4 vinyl breastplate, making them look good in singlet tops and strappy dresses, whereas McKenna has a full soft body.

This is the back of the dolls, Jasmine and Kelsey are stitched to the breastplate, but McKenna has neck strings to keep her head on.

As for the eye movement, Jasmine and McKenna have sleep eyes, whereas Kelsey does not.

The feet are quite different. McKenna’s feet are quite flat and have no shape to it, whereas Kelsey and Jasmine have curved, more realistic feet. Jasmine has a gap between her big toe and 2nd toe, so that she can wear Australia’s favourite footwear, thongs (flip flops), more correctly and accurately.

Overall, all three of these dolls are fantastic. I’m NOT going to play favourites at all, they are all good in their own way. If you want a doll with more pose-ability, Jasmine is the way to go. If you want something simple, cheap and great in quality, Kelsey is the girl for you. If you want something recognizable, McKenna is it (of course, shes retired now).

Journey Girl Dolls are available at Toys R Us. American Girl Dolls can be bought at or in one of the American Girl stores. Australian Girl Dolls are available at their online store,

Thank you for reading this and thank you Char for allowing me to post this to you.
Erin ~ An Australian American Girl Fan”

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  1. Wow so many differences! Thanks for posting!!!

  2. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    You’re very welcom Maddie!

  3. Australian girl dolls are really pretty!

  4. Thank you for posting this amazing comparison, Erin! It is very helpful. : )

  5. This was very interesting!

  6. hope you feel better Erin!!

  7. I’m sick at home today. :(. At least I have no school. ;}

  8. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    Thank you Bailey! I’m slowly recovering, Im on a two week isolation time, which means no school! You’re absolutely welcome Fiona and Ava!

  9. Hello Erin, it is Silence over from the American Girl Fan Message Board.

    I love your photos these were very good insight, thank you! That is nice Australian Girl and Journey Girl have vinyl breastplates so they can wear tank tops.

    That is so cool Australian Girl can where flip flops.

    I hope you get better soon!!
    P.S. we would love to see you around the message board again soon!

  10. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    Hi Silence! Great to hear from you again!
    I’m still on the message board, it’s just I’ve not found any topics worthwhile to comment on.

  11. Okay, that makes sense! I understand. I don’t comment alot of the time either.
    Thanks. It’s great to hear from you too! And I’d be honored if you chrcked out my doll blog. Just click on my name and it will take u there!

  12. Coolio!

  13. Megan!!!!!! says:

    very interesting!

  14. Thanks for posting the comparison. I love the picture showing the differences in their feet.

  15. I think Australian girls are very pretty. I only wish they weren’t so tall, so they could share clothes w/ the other 18 inch dolls. Can they share w/ My Twinn?

  16. Thank you for this great comparison. I was curious about the differences/similarities, so this is very helpful. Feel better soon!

  17. HI Erin! I like Australian Girl Dolls

  18. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    Sharry, I honesty don’t have a clue, as I don’t have a My Twinn. They fit okay into American Grl clothes, but pants run short on them.

  19. Thank you very much for this detailed and really interesting comparison, Erin. Your dolls were very kind to model in their underwear so that we could see the body differences. I agree that there are pluses and minuses to all three, but also that all three are lovely with lots of potential for imaginative play. I especially liked seeing the differences in their feet.
    I hope that you recover fully very soon.

  20. Wow the Australian girls are so pretty!

  21. Thanks for sharing Erin! I hope you get better soon! Mckenna looks cute in Saige’s sweater outfit!

  22. cool segment

  23. Cool!

  24. I’m an italian reader and wish there are Italian girls dolls and Italian girl’s place

  25. i agree with julia

  26. Gess what I AM GETTING ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. ABBEY

  27. To be honest, i don’t really like the half vinyl body dolls. But that’s just my opinon.

  28. Juliet XD says:

    PERSONALLY i feel its kind of ……..odd to have a 3/4 fabric, 1/4 vinyl torso. but that’s just me.
    other wise, i like them all!

  29. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    Thank you so much Cordelia!

  30. Heather Leabman says:

    Thank you, Erin, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Australian Girls from the moment I saw their feet. It would be a dream to have one here in the States, but even Maplelea had a hard time figuring on customs and delivery times and that’s Canada, much closer! I love how tall they are and their facial sculpt. I also enjoy the breastplate – I wish My Twinn would start doing that and American Girl too. I’m gonna visit their site now! Maybe someday I’ll have one! Thanks!

  31. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    Your absolutely welcome Heather!