Good morning campers!  What, camp hasn’t started yet?

Kit’s kind of excited and she’s an early packer and she likes to try out all her gear before she’s off to camp!


My Doll’s Life sent me this sleeping bag set and Kit’s going to help me give you a close up look at all the details!

This little doll size sleeping bag is the real deal.

Let me show you and tell you all about it!

Sophia’s teamed up with the Coleman brand to bring realistic play sets for 18 inch dolls.  The sets are all part of an 18 inch doll Camping Series.  Every set in the series has cute attention to detail and this sleeping bag set is no different!

This set includes the pink and grey mummy bag and a Coleman lantern.

The sleeping bag and lantern go for around $23-$30 online right now.  The main places I came across to purchase the set online was at My Doll’s Life and ebay.

Here is the sleeping bag from head to toe right out of the package.

It unzips on the side and is fully lined on the inside.

Kit crawls right in and shows you how to keep the hood of the bag cinched in cold weather to stay warm.

If it’s a warm night you can loosen the string and lay your head on the hood.

At the top of the zipper closure there is a velcro tab.

To keep it from snagging while it is open, you can fasten the velcro to the tab.

The Coleman lantern is a perfect accessory to the set.

Not only does it look the part but the light can turn on and off.

This is a fun play set and I think they hit a home run with their attention to detail!

Check out some of Sophia’s other sets from their camping series at My Doll’s Life.

It is fun to see quality doll items with tons of play value!