american girl doll closet dividers

It’s that time of the year when I start thinking of my New Year’s resolutions.  I decided it was time to get the doll room a bit more organized!  Join me in a series of three posts on how I created a well organized doll space.

american girl doll closets

So, as Santa delivers his dolly treats I start to panic, thinking, “Where am I going to put all of this?!?!”  I decided a closet system was in order.  Doll dresses are not cheap and they need to be taken well care of.  I hate the tangled mess of Velcro when doll clothes are stored in a tote or box.  No matter how careful my daughters and I are, there always seems to be that Velcro snagging a piece of delicate fabric, leaving the outfit will unsightly snag marks.  Now, to get the closet organized I decided it needed dividers to keep tract of which outfit belonged to which doll.

doll closet supplies

I purchased two ClosetMaid Pantry Cabinets from Target.  I do have to mention that I ordered these online and had them shipped to my home.  Both arrived with minor scratches but were completely usable.  The price was hard to beat.  They were easy to assemble.  You can find them here:

I purchased several Bali 7/16” Round Spring Tension Café Rods from Amazon.  These extend from 18-28 inches.   If you are using American Girl hangers these are the best rods to use…do not use an oval shapped rod with AG hangers.  I used ALL AG hangers in my closets; the main reason was because of the height and shape of the hanger.  I did not want a hanger with a large hook taking up vertical space in the closet.  I needed as many rows as possible.

I recycled a few rubber grip coasters and cut squares to create a gripping surface for the tension rod.  Most tension rods will slip on a smooth surface over time.  You can also use a small piece of sand paper but you risk scratching the cabinet wall.  These rods have never fallen using this technique.

doll closet dividers printable

I have provided pdf printables for all of American Girl historical and GOTY characters.  I have provided two types of sets.  One set with borders so you can print out and glue to your dividers.  And another set that is ready to be printed onto Avery labels 5162.

With Borders pdf:

Without Borders pdf for Avery 5162:

I used a blank white 4×6 index card as my divider.  This saved tremendously on time from cutting.  You could also use cardstock paper cut to size.  If you use any colored paper I suggest to laminate the divider to prevent any color transfer/bleeding to your clothing over time.  If laminating, you can get away with using a fairly thin index card.  If not laminating, I suggest you use a thicker card, these super thick index cards work great.

doll closet dividers steps

  1. After you have placed all of your labels on the top of your index cards you will need to mark off the center of the card. I placed two small markings on each card.
  2. If laminating, run through the laminator, I used 4×6 photo laminating sheets.
  3. I used a ¾ inch Gasket punch to create my rod holes.
  4. I used a paper cutter to create the divider opening.  ***If cutting the hole with scissors you will reverse:  cut slit opening and then cute rod hole.

Yes, my craft room has all sorts of gadgets!  I found a Gasket punch makes the best larger holes that I need placed in the center of paper/foam/thin plastic.

AG doll closet dividers

Now you have your finished closet divider!  You can also create more generalized ones for shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, boy dolls and so on.  ***One more tip:  If you are not laminating your divider, I suggest you cover the label area with packaging tape to prevent ink transfer to the clothing…just being cautious.

Creating all of these printables was a labor of love…I hope you enjoy!