Exclusive Claire's barbie We haven’t talked Barbie for a ages, and while there are some really beautiful new silkstone Barbies and collectible Barbies that have just been released, I thought I would share this photo I took of the Claire’s Exclusive Barbie.

My daughter and I were at the mall and looking for some fun hair accessories for back to school. I saw the Claire’s Barbie on the top of a display rounder and just had to take a picture. Yes, I embarrass my kids like that all the time – I randomly take pictures of things I like at the store.

The Claire’s Barbie has a shopping bag in hand so she can pick out all her favorite accessories from the Claire’s store. This Barbie sells for $16 which makes her very affordable as a play doll, but I would think that unless you are extremely careful about taking the little pieces out of the box, this doll is best left in her box as a collector item.Ā  If you collect some of the other store related Barbies – like the Build-a-Bear exclusive, the Juicy Couture Barbie, the Gap Barbie or others like that, the Claire’s Barbie would be the perfect addition to that collection.

What do you think of the themed or store exclusive Barbies? Do you have a favorite?