Tonner Toys City Girls

Meet The City Girls™. Best friends, making their way in the Big City. From Left to Right: Astor (Color Block outfit), Billy Taxi! outfit), Brook-Lynn (Cape Town Fashion Pack) and Houston (Networking Fashion Pack).

For all of you who have loved seeing my Ellowyne dolls but are a little worried about how much they cost, you will LOVE the City Girls. They are made by Tonner (just like the Ellowynes), are just about 16″ tall , have the same basic proportions as Ellowyne, but are a fraction of the cost.  The Basics are $39.99, dressed dolls are $49.99 and Deluxe Dressed is $69.99. The Fashion Packs are $25. I think that is a great price for a high quality doll!

Tonner Toys City Girls

One of the print ads you may see this fall. I really love the fresh look these girls have. I saw them first hand at ToyFair in February and just LOVED them (read my City Girls Toy Fair report). The dolls have articulated joints which means they are pose-able – and that means FUN!

Deluxe City Girls Astor

This is a deluxe version of Astor all dressed up for a night on the town. Love, love the red hair!

Tonner Toys City Girls

City Girls packaging. Cute! I can see keeping their packages for storage and display – very nice. All the dolls have great accessories, too, from cell phones to coffee cups!

Three of the fashion packs in their packaging. I am pretty sure most of the outfits will fit Ellowyne and that will make my Ellowynes happy, because they have been wanting new clothes! When I get an outfit or two and the dolls I will do plenty of side by side comparisons.

The City Girls will be available this fall in FAO Toy Stores, at and on

Which one is your favorite? I just have to the Color Block Astor! She is too cool.