One of my favorite parts of the circus is to watch the beautiful lions and tigers, or “Circus Cats” as we call them in this house, come out to perform.  I am always amazed their skill as well as the lion tamers patience.  To celebrate this week’s theme I decided to make “Circus Cat Stands.”



Each container was thoroughly washed and dried.  The lid was discarded.  Strips of Duck Tape were applied across each container until all visible parts were covered.  The bottom (now the top) of the container was traced onto a piece of felt and cut out.  I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue glue stick and ran it over the top of the stand, then placed the felt circle on top.


I used various patterned Duck Tape and Kunin Felt to add more color and flare!


For easy storage just stack the containers into each other!

This is such an easy way to get into the Circus theme this week! Be sure to send in photos of your “Circus Cats” on their stands to for inclusion in the Camp Memories post.