It’s never too late for a Cinco de Mayo party!!  Camila has her ice, limes, and blender ready to make some tasty frozen drinks.  Let the party begin!

When I was designing the blender, I wanted to make it had two pitchers for added play.  The first pitcher was to have the ice, the second the yummy frozen drink mix.

The blender base was made out of a 1¼ inch wood square block, ¼ inch thick rectangular dowel rod, a black pony bead, black paint, silver paint, grey cardstock, black-red-grey foam paper, a standard hole hand punch, a rectangular hand punch, black Sharpie, Silver Sharpie, wood glue, and a glue gun.  All supplies were found at Michael’s craft store.

Using an x-Acto knife, the ¼ inch thick rectangular dowel rod was cut into two 1 ¼ inch pieces.  These two pieces were glued to the wood block in a stacking pattern, please see picture.    Gaps were filled in with spackling.  The base was painted a glossy black.  A label maker was used to make the KitchenAid logo.  Cardstock, foam paper, round and rectangle hand punches, and markers were used to make accents.

The pitcher was made from a button container found in the dollar bins at Michaels.  A round would disc was painted silver and glued on top.  A black pony bead was glued on top of the disc to complete the pitcher lid.  The handle was made out of two clear pony beads and a ¼ inch round wood dowel cut down to size and painted silver. I placed a Velcro tab on the top of the base and on the bottom of each pitcher to keep both pieces together.  One pitcher was filled with clear square beads (found in the jewelry section at Michaels).  These beads make great ice cubes!  The other pitcher was filled with the frozen drink mix.

The frozen drink mix is made from Easy-Cast resin kit, Casting Craft translucent green and yellow pigments, and sea salt.  You use a lot of sea salt for this craft.  The more salt you use, less resin will separate and settle to the top.  Tip:  when working with this resin kit make sure you use equal parts resin and hardener or the mixture will not harden adequately.  The margarita cup is a wedding favor.  Always check your wedding favor section of your craft store; these small scaled items work great for dolls.  Once the resin hardened I placed a small amount of tacky glue around the top edge of the glass and dipped the glass in white glitter to resemble a salted rim.