Hey girls! It’s Natalie again and today I took Chrissa out in the snow. She jumped at the chance to play in the cold and ran to put on her new outfit, the photography outfit from MiniMeDollyDivas. Yes, Chrissa is my junior photographer. Β I told her to grab her camera, she had some photos to take!

“Chrissa put on a jacket!” I said to her as we walked toward the door. Chrissa turned around, “The cold never bothered me anyway.” She stood against a brick wall, “Nice place to start. Come on let’s go take some photos!”

“Look at these trees!” Chrissa exclaimed. Click!Β “Crystal clear,” Chrissa smiled. “Come let me take some photos of your outfit!” I motioned for Chrissa to come where I was standing.

“Love this shirt. Photography is my passion and this is just too cute! MiniMeDollyDivas did great!” Chrissa said as I took the picture. “Get a shot of the skirt!” Chrissa said shifting angles.

“I just love Hi-Low skirts! This one is so soft.” Chrissa twirled her skirt and pointed to her foot. I got the hint..

“You love your SillyMonkey boots don’t you?” I said as I laughed and pressed the button. “They are so cute! I wear them all the time.” She replied and ran into a lighter spot. “Let’s get a few snaps in the sun!”

I snapped a clear shot of her light blue bow. “It compliments your eyes!” I said to Chrissa. “It matches my shirt too.” Chrissa said and looked at her shirt.

“Trees make pretty backgrounds!” Chrissa had me take her photo. “Stunning!” I looked at the camera screen.

“Haha I took a photo of my shadow!” Chrissa laughed at the photo and looked up.

“What is that?” Chrissa asked. I saw a pile of white snow. “I don’t know, go look!” I said. Chrissa sprinted across the yard.

“It’s a snowman! Looks like Olaf. Aw he is melting, I think he is finally experiencing summer…” Chrissa took the photo then went to help poor Olaf. “Chrissa it is getting cold. We should head in. The cold may not bother you but it bothers me!” I said and began to walk towards the door. “Okay! I’m coming!” Chrissa said and then ran up to the door and went inside for some hot chocolate.

Well that concludes this winter adventure! Thanks for joining us!

Have you built a snowman before? What was his/her name?

Until next time this is Natalie(AND CHRISSA!) signing off. Click!