Chrissa’s Reminder

Chrissa American Girl of the Year 2009

Chrissa was out working in the garden today when she realized that the “It’s Only Natural” Reader Photo contest for April closes on April 22 – Earth Day. She wants you to be sure and get your photos in! Go to this post – April Reader Photo Contest – It’s Only Natural! – for all the details!

Chrissa is wearing her American Girl Washington DC tee and the white capris we got in the store last summer. She is using the gardening set from The Queen’s Treasures with the American Doll Room as her backdrop. And yes, that is a green bath towel that I used for the grass.

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  1. Firstie! SOO CUTE!!

  2. Ryan-Kennedy says:

    secondie! love it

  3. love it and thanks char!

  4. thirdie

  5. Cute I wish I had an amercian girl room

  6. Love the picture and your photo contests!

  7. CUTE!!

  8. I have that same shirt for my dolls

  9. Hi Char! I just found a really cool, new brand of dolls…MiM. MiM stands for make it mine. The dolls are 16 inches high and customizable! I thought you might want to do a post on the dolls, so I thought I would tell you about them! Here is their website:

  10. Abigail – MiM dolls are super cool and we have an interview with their creator coming up soooooon!