Chrissa has officially been retired in the American Girl history books, but she and her friends Gwen and Sonali are loving life in my daughter’s room. Chrissa is the doll that my daughter had bonded with most – I think it is because they are both swimmers. She got Chrissa for her birthday last year and then set upon the task of convincing me that she needed the entire collection over the course of the year. Between Christmas and her birthday this year, she did manage to meet her goal.

Gwen, Chrissa and Sonali (weird lighting – I know) with the table, party treats and craft studio.

Chrissa with the craft studio and her llama, Starburst.

Gwen and the picnic table complete with party treats.

Sonali and Starburst at the school desk (which is not really part of Chrissa’s collection, but I think it is a nice addition).

Chrissa wearing her pjs and fuzzy slippers.

Chrissa in her snow gear.

Chrissa in her swim warmups and her second book, Chrissa Stands Strong.