With the changing of the seasons comes…..FOOTBALL SEASON!  Being that we are new in Denver, we are excited to jump in an cheer for the Broncos this year.  To include our dolls in the decorations, parties and fun; we create pom poms for them in the Bronco colors.

To make these you will need yarn and a piece of cardboard that is 3 inches wide and 6 inches long along with scissors and tape.  Here are the steps:

  •  Tape the end of the yarn to the cardboard.
  •  Wrap it around the cardboard between 30-50 times to desired thickness.
  •  Then slide it off carefully and tie a piece of yard around the middle TIGHT.
  •  Cut the yarn on the folds and wah-lah, you have a doll sized pom pom!

These perfect size footballs are party favors from Party City.  A whole bag was less than $5 and they are awesome.