What a wonderful sight as the season changes.  The girls are enjoying the beautiful weather and the beautiful colors.

Emily sees Helen and Laura outside enjoying their iced tea.  Hi said Emily, want to join me?  I am going to take pictures of all the different colors on the trees.   Helen and Laura decided to pass on the offer, they wanted to enjoy their iced tea.

Ok said Emily, but can I take your picture for my photo album?  Sure said the girls, we would love it.

As soon as Tiny (Helen’s dog) heard the clicking of the camera, she wanted to join the picture.  So of course Emily had to take another picture with Tiny.

Now Emily was ready for her adventure.  Bye she said to her friends.  Have fun responded Helen and Laura as they waved bye to Emily.

Emily was having so much fun taking pictures, she could not believe how the leaves changed colors.

Emily spent a lot of time taking pictures, so let’s look at what she was taking a picture of  before she ran out of film.

Fun Facts:
1. Thank you Char and American Doll Room for the wonderful contest in which I won this doll room, which is the setting for the patio.
2. Emily’s outfits is a mix n match of several pieces from my collection.
3. Laura and Helen (Kidz n Cats dolls) and Emily (Gotz Happy Kids)
4. Tiny is Journey Girl dog
5. Mother Nature supplied the outside setting