You are in for a TREAT! This is a guest post from Jessica from American Custom Dollhouses and it will knock your socks off!!

When American Girl had their big sale of Cécile and Marie-Grace dolls, I, of course, couldn’t resist getting another Cécile.
I decided to rewig her to transform her into a friend from Julie’s time, the 70’s.
The wig I used was made by Playhouse Collection and is named Afro Black size 10-11. I got it off of eBay. I was able to remove Cécile’s original wig without damage and the Playhouse wig fit perfectly on her bald head. I didn’t glue the new wig on so I can remove it and try on another wig later.
I dressed her in Julie’s floral jumpsuit and the current My American Girl meet boots. 
So, what do you think? I think she looks like a GROOOOOVY addition to the 70’s collection. I would definitely call her CeCe in her 70’s setting.
Great job Jessica and I hope we will get to see more adventures of Cece as she does more time traveling with the change of a wig.