Toy Fair 2013 Report – Corolle Dolls


The French doll company, Corolle, is always a showroom I want to see at Toy Fair! My older daughter’s very first doll was a Corolle doll and they will always have a special place in my heart.  If you have not held a Corolle doll, you really must at some point – each Corolle doll […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – La Dee Da Dolls


As you know, we just love the little 12″ dolls by Spin Master known as La Dee Da! La Dee Da dolls are based on fashion adventures of 4 friends – Dee, Tylie, Sloane, Cyanne and their dog Le Bun. They are creative, bright, and affordable. They are poseable, not afraid of change and ambitious […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander 90th Anniversary

Another one of the showrooms I REALLY loved visiting at Toy Fair was Madame Alexander, who is celebrating their 90th Anniversary this year! In this picture, Wendy Celebrates Madame Alexander is a limited edition doll just for this year. From press materials: Alexander Doll Company, Inc. was founded 90 years ago by Madame Beatrice Alexander […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – Adora Dolls

Adora 18" dolls

One of the booths I was most curious to see at Toy Fair was the Adora Dolls booth because they have just gone through a major rebranding and have made quite a few changes to their doll line. In comparison to last year’s booth, the atmosphere had so much more energy and was much easier […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – Fashion Angels

Fashion Angels Tapefetti

The most creative showroom/booth I visited at Toy Fair 2013 was the Fashion Angels booth! If you are not familiar with Fashion Angels, they are a creativity company focused on girls ages 8 & up. They have the coolest designer tape in a variety of sizes, sketch books, craft sets, and supplies for the creative […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – The Queen’s Treasures

The Queen's Treasures Doll Furniture

The Queen’s Treasures has quickly become known as the place to find heirloom quality furniture, accessories and tea sets for your dolls! I took a ton of photos at their booth at Toy Fair and while not all of these items are new, I still thought you would like to see them. So, warning, there […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – Kidz ‘n Cats Dolls

Kidz 'n Cats Dolls

While the big blizzard that came through the Northeast did not keep us from Toy Fair in New York, it did cause some vendors, reps and even displays from making it to the show on time. Sonja Hartmann’s Kidz ‘n Cats dolls for her booth were delayed in getting to the show and honestly, I […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – Hearts for Hearts Girls

Hearts for Hearts Girls

One of the showrooms that I really loved visiting this year was Playmates Toys – the makers of Hearts for Hearts Girls and Waterbabies (which I will post about separately). It was so nice to catch up with their team and be able to share your feedback on these beautiful little dolls with them.  Hearts […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – Tonner Toys

Tonner Toys Maudlynne

Last year when I visited the Tonner Doll booth at Toy Fair (2012 report), I was so excited to see their new City Girls line, the Little Miss Matched Girls and the quirky but cute, Maudlynne. This year it was fun to check in with the Tonner team again (Robert, Jason, Jack and Joanne) and […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – Zeenie Dollz


Zeenie Dollz was one of the dolls I was really looking forward to getting more information about at Toy Fair. The concept doll, Zeenie, was born from a drawing from the owner’s daughter and a portion of the Zeenie Dollz profits will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund®. So, who are the Zeenie Dollz? […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – American Doll Room


One of the companies I was very happy to see at Toy Fair was American Doll Room. Rory and his family have worked so hard to develop and get the word out about their simple, but oh, so awesome accessory for doll play – the foldable rooms for 18″ dolls. It was great to finally […]

Toy Fair 2013 Report – Sophia’s Heritage


Are you ready for the first of A LOT of Toy Fair 2013 reports? It is going to take me a few weeks to get through them all, but I will! One of the highlights of my trip was reconnecting with people I met last year and meeting new people as well. Visiting the Sophia’s […]

Toy Fair 2013 Initial Recap


The weather may have been snowy and cold, but the energy and displays inside the Javit’s Center for the 110th Annual International Toy Fair were HOT!  I have over 20 detailed Toy Fair reports to write up and share with you, but I thought I would share a few highlights of the trip in the […]