Bewitched by Paola Reina

2 close up

Have you ever looked at a doll, and wondered if you could change her look?  Well that is exactly what happened when I first saw “Brujita”  which means “Little Witch” in Spanish.   I first saw Brujita over a year ago, but she was not available in the USA.  After Toy Fair when we found out [...]

Doll Diaries Picks of the Week Ending June 7


After probably one of the busiest weeks of my life (recitals, awards, ceremonies, my son’s high school graduation, and Camp Doll Diaries), I enjoyed taking some time this morning to catch up on all the news in the doll world while taking a breath before the second busiest week of my life (tech week and [...]

Sunday Showcase for June 1

Kit Grad and Family

Good morning!! I hope everyone had a fabulous week. Let’s see what adventures your dolls had this past week. From Angela – Today, Sunday June 1, 2014, Margaret Mildred Kittredge, Graduated High School with me today. She is surrounded by Ruthie, Kanani, McKenna, Lilly-May, and Saige. From Bethany M - Kit’s all ready for summer boookwise. She [...]

Tea for Two? – Mini Photo Story

1 Sunday tea for two

Sunday afternoons are my favorite times of the week, so it seems Alma and Lidia have found the perfect thing to do……. Alma and Lidia had Sunday afternoon tea and pastries.  As I grabbed my camera I saw Alma holding the tongs to pick up a pastry, while Lidia is pouring  a cup of  tea,  [...]

Sunday Showcase for May 25

McD Isabelle

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! We are off for an adventure today, but first, let’s take a look at what everyone’s dolls have been up to this week. From Linda - To honor our service men and women this Memorial Day, A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!! From Fawn – My husband made this playhouse for [...]

Doll Diaries Picks of the Week Ending May 24

Isabelle Happy Meal toys

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you have lots of fun plans. On the way home from rehearsal last night, Natalie and I stopped at McDonald’s and picked up a few of the new Isabelle Happy Meal toys. You don’t have to buy the food – we got McFlurry’s and bought the toys separately. Our McDonald’s [...]

Alma’s Adventure – Mini Photo Story

1 Alma tells her story

Hi Doll Diaries readers, my name is Alma and I love adventures.  The nice lady spoils me so much, I get to go shopping and pick out my own clothes.  I heard that Alma! says the nice lady….. So for today’s adventure this is what I picked to wear.  It is so comfy and stylish!  [...]

Sunday Showcase for May 18


It’s time for our favorite feature of the week – Sunday Showcase – where we get to see what everyone’s dolls have been up to all week! From Shelby-Grace: On a road trip, we made a stop at Little Round Top at Gettysburg, and that most certainly required a doll photo shoot Out of all [...]

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending May 17th


Good morning!! Sorry for getting my picks for this week up later than normal but it is a pretty busy day at the Doll Diaries HQ. Natalie has a full day of rehearsal, Megan is volunteering at a carnival doing face painting, and I and busy with Camp Doll Diaries behind the scenes prep and [...]

Throwback Thursday – From the Doll Diaries Vault


So I had planned for us to do a Throwback Thursday with the picnic theme this week, but I only got two submissions, so I decided we could have fun and take a look back at some photos from way back in the early days of Doll Diaries. I started this site in the fall [...]

Sunday Showcase for May 11


Happy Mother’s Day to all! I hope each and everyone of you is being spoiled by family, showered with love and enjoying your day. It looks like the dolls have had lots of adventures this week. Let’s take a look. From Paper Doll World – Attached is another photo of Viola. I wanted to take [...]

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending May 10


Good morning!! I hope everyone has something fun planned and is taking care of all the last minute plans to celebrate Mom tomorrow (at least here in the US). I had a hard time narrowing my choices down to just five picks this week, but I did it. Raise your hand if you have/had an [...]

Sunday Showcase for May 4


Good morning! Have I told you all lately what an awesome community of doll fans you are?  I appreciate every comment you leave, every photo that is sent in and it truly makes me happy that we can share this creative hobby. Now, let’s see what the dolls have been up to this week! From [...]

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending May 3


Happy Saturday! There were so many great doll posts out there this week that I really had a hard time narrowing down my choices for Picks of the Week. But, I did it and I hope you enjoy my choices. Karen took a visit to the new American Girl boutique in Vancouver and put together [...]

Saige Cooks – Photo Story by Natalie


Hello everyone! It is Natalie back with another fun photostory for you. Let us get to it then! “Hey viewers! Welcome to episode twenty one of my fabulous cooking show. Today we will be making peach tart pastries. Let’s just hop right in.” Saige stepped towards her cabinet and opened it up. “You will need [...]

Caroline’s Short Story


It’s time for another guest post from one of our readers – this one is from Caroline. American Girl Park was having a pajama day. All girls are allowed to go in their pajamas. The day before Isabelle visited a orphanage and she felt bad for the little children so she decide to raise money [...]

From Shelby-Grace: A Photo Story For National Dance Week 2014


Here is a quick guest post from Shelby-Grace. In honor of National Dance Week, (April 25th-May 4th) Kit and I put together a short photo story for you! Kit was outside, playing with her basset hound, Grace, one sunny spring day. Grace started licking Kit’s hand, making her giggle. A breeze lightly lifted her bob [...]

Sunday Showcase for April 27

Cristi in the grass

The excitement level in this house this morning is crazy – we are going to see WICKED (not in NYC) and we can.not.wait. It looks like your dolls have had some great adventures too – let’s take a look! From Linda - McKenna and Caroline decorating Easter eggs. Their decorating set was inspired my Karen, Mom [...]

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending April 26


I have discovered a few new sites this week and I also decided to stick with the DIY theme for my picks of the week today.  I don’t know about you, but creating things – for the dolls or other things – is relaxing and isn’t that what weekends are all about? Let get inspired! [...]

Was the Bunny Here – Mini Photo Story

7 ready to jion her friends

Saturday was a busy day spent trying to find the Easter dress for Alma (she will have an official review later this week).  Alma was also excited because it would be her first Easter. Getting ready for bed, she was so excited.  Will the Easter Bunny come? Alma got into her snugly PJs and  made [...]