Let the Games Begin


The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi Russia start today and Madelon’s dolls are ready!  Olympic coverage begins tonight with Madelon’s favorite event, figure skating! She couldn’t find an Olympic doll shirt, so she made one! Michaels put their Bling It letters on sale for $1.99 and a shirt was born. Chrissa is showing off her team [...]

Sunday Showcase for February 2nd

L & P's unitard -- full - resized

February 2nd already – did you know it is Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl (which I just watch for the commercials) is tonight too? Anyhow, I know your dolls have been having great adventures this week. Let’s take a look. Christi (by Paola Reina) lying on a “carpet” of evergreens. I just love this [...]

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending February 1


Happy Saturday everyone! Here are my picks for this week. There  is one thing that Emily from The Toy Box Philosopher and I have in common – we just have a thing for dolls with red hair!  Emily recently reviewed Grace from Extra Special Dolls. Not only does she do such an amazing review as [...]

Tea with a Special Friend

Tea set for dolls

There is something about a cup of tea that is just so incredibly heartwarming and soothing. And when you share a cup of tea with a friend, it brightens the day for both of you. It was a sunny afternoon and Molly was so happy that her dear friend April was coming to visit for [...]

Happy Australia Day


In celebration of Australia Day, our friend, April and her daughters have put together a wonderful overview of important Australian women as depicted by our favorite dolls! *** My daughters and I put our heads together and came up with some important Australian women for our dolls to be for the day. Some you will be [...]

Sunday Showcase for January 25


Good morning everyone! We have some beautiful photos to share that you all sent in this week! From Abigail – Samantha + Saige = Best Sisters forever. From Julia L.- Last week I took Saige out for a photo shoot in my backyard. The new doll jacket I got for Christmas really brings out the [...]

Doll Diaries Picks of the Week Ending January 25


I hope you had a great week – we all have a bit of cabin fever here! It snowed this week and has been so cold and icy that we have basically stayed home. On the plus size, that means I got lots of doll related reading done – so get comfortable, there are A [...]

Literary American Girl Dolls for National Reading Day

Nancy Drew Doll

Brandy here! January 23, 2014 is National Reading Day.   To celebrate this wonderful day I wanted to share with you two of my daughter’s favorite dolls.  Both, my daughter and I are big fans of Carolyn Keene the author of the Nancy Drew mysteries and Lucy Maud Montgomery the author of the Anne of Green [...]

Merida Comes to Visit – Mini Photo Story

1 Merida comes to visit

If our dolls could talk , how many wonderful stories could they share with us?  But wait,  look closely maybe they do talk to us……look into their eyes,  what are they saying? Patience loves to color and work on her activity books, when her friend Merida walked in.  Patience had forgotten she was having a [...]

Sunday Showcase for January 19th


Good morning!! I can’t wait to share all the wonderful photos everyone sent in this week! From Elizabeth - This is my Corolle doll Sami (originally Chloe) in a room that I made. Everything in this room I made, that includes the couch, rug, table, lamp, wall and wall art. Sami is spoiled by all my [...]

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending Jan. 18


What a week! I flew from one side of the country to the other last week for my other job and while it was a very good trip, I am tired. Just tired. I have my cup of coffee and am catching up on my reading now. Here are some of my favorites. Ana had [...]

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending January 11


Did everyone have a good week? I have some fun posts to share with you this week and some interesting speculation, too. Earlier this week Diana showed you that regular infant preemie clothes can sometimes be used for the AG dolls, well Anna found some cute infant preemie clothes for the Bitty Twins and it [...]

National Houseplant Appreciation Day?


Leave to Madelon to keep us on our toes! Today is National Houseplant Day and let’s see who is celebrating!  Kit celebrates Houseplant Appreciation Day today by showing three of her favorite indoor plants. These are often available in the craft store for under two dollars. Madelon found a variety of plants – this is [...]

Sunday Reader Showcase for January 5


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I’m taking a break from posting all the Reader Photo Contest entries for a few minutes to get the Sunday Showcase post done. It looks like your dolls have had a great week! From Rachael - All my dolls welcoming Isabelle to the family! From Tony - Happy New Year ~ Welcome Isabelle! Jane stopped [...]

Doll Diaries Picks of the Week Ending January 4th


Happy New Year!! With all of the excitement of Isabelle’s debut, things have been a bit busy here this week, but I curled up with my coffee and a blanket this morning to catch up on my doll reading and have some good posts to share with you. Emily from The Toy Box Philosopher never, [...]

Arrival at the Hart Dance Studio – Mini Story


As the story continues the three friends; Lanie, Dabbie and Marisol were selected to attend the prestige Hart Dance Studio in  New York City.  Let ‘s see what happens upon their arrival… Dabbie is shy but realizes they need to make friends and introduce themselves. They see two girls near the barre,  looks like they [...]

Dance Studio News – Mini Photo Story

4 have you heard the news

The joy of dancing whether Ballet, Jazz, Modern dance, Classic dance, etc will be enjoyed by our dolls this year.  It does take hard work and lots of practice, but the results can be fantastic!  So lets start the 2014  New Year with our first mini photo story which includes all the new clothing pieces [...]

Farewell to Saige – A Roundup of Saige Inspired Crafts and Posts

Farewell Saige

Wow, that year went by fast! I can vividly remember this time last year – the buzz about Saige’s debut, going to AG DC on January 1st to get her (yes, we will be there tomorrow to get Isabelle) and those first Saige review photos! It is time to say goodbye to Saige, but we [...]

Isabelle’s Fashion Show

10 fashion

Now that was FUN!! We had a fantastic response to Isabelle’s Fashion Show challenge, thank you to all who participated.  So let’s take a look at what you created…. Great outfits everyone and very creative! Which pieces from her wardrobe do you consider to be “essentials”?  

Sunday Showcase for December 29


Sorry for making you wait all day long for the Sunday Showcase! We just arrived home after a 6 hour car ride from Pittsburgh after visiting with family for a few days. Now, let’s see what everyone’s dolls have been up to this week. From Kristen L.- I know this may be late, but my [...]

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