Out and About With Doll Diaries

Isabelle interview

I wasn’t really sure what to call this post, but I have a few fun photos I really wanted to share with you that don’t really fit anywhere else. In support of the Rolling Hills Elementary School, Doll Diaries donated an 18″ Sophia’s Carly doll wearing her Doll Diaries pajamas, and her pet puppy and [...]

More Printable Doll Clothes Fun – Dolls and Their Dolls

Printable Doll Clothes 1

This is a guest post from long time Doll Diaries community member Elizabeth who now makes the most amazing printable doll clothes that you can download and make for your dolls of all sizes! We have featured her designs before, but today she has an update for us featuring dolls and their dolls. *** My [...]

Sunday Showcase for March 23


Good morning! We are off to see the JLNV presentation of an American Girl Fashion Show this morning and we can’t wait to meet the winners of our ticket giveaway (the original winner Molly couldn’t make it, but our runner up winner Jana and her daughter can!), have tea and see the fashion show. I [...]

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending March 22


Happy Saturday! Sorry my picks are not being posted until this afternoon, but I enjoyed a nice brunch with my friends this morning followed by some shopping downtown.  The Doll Wardrobe’s Design Contest is back – I always am blown away by the creativity and skill that goes into the entries. You have until May [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Paisley Snow

Are you wearing your green today? I think I get to pinch Mother Nature because this is what I saw when I got up this morning: Snow!!! Really? This is just crazy and Paisley agrees! McKenna has her green on! And so does Saige. Madelon’s Ellowyne’s look like they just hopped over from Ireland today. [...]

Sunday Showcase for March 16


Good morning to the Doll Diaries community! What adventures have your dolls  had this week? From Kristen L.- Kanani is ready for St.Patrick’s Day! She made sure she wore green so she won’t get pinched! From Beth – Anne went to Girl Scout camp for Spring Break. She loved hiking at Kamp Kiwani and riding [...]

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending March 15


Good morning! Raise your hand if you are happy it is finally the weekend!! I have just spent the last hour enjoying a cup of coffee, browsing all my favorite doll blogs (over 100!) and have got my picks of the week ready for you. I am just loving Simply Dollightful’s photostories lately! The two [...]

Happy National Pack Your Own Lunch Day


Thanks to Madelon for letting us know that today is National Pack Your Own Lunch Day! I did not know that. I have been packing lunches for all three of my kids since they were in kindergarten – I guess I should have made them pack their own today. Madelon’s doll is wearing the Pretty [...]

Sunday Reader Showcase for March 9


My inbox is over flowing this week which means lots of great doll photos from the Doll Diaries community all over the world for you to enjoy! From Heather – Felicity and Kirsten love the Frozen movie so Felicity dressed as Anna wearing Addy’s old school dress, a shirt from the 2003 glitter jeans outfit [...]

Are You Following Doll Diaries on Instagram?


Did you know that a lot of the photos Natalie and I take never even get posted on Doll Diaries? Yep, that’s right.  Be sure to follow @DollDiaries, @Alex17_DollDiaries, @LauraKellyDesigns and @Karenmomofthree on Instagram for even more doll and craft inspiration!

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending March 8


Hello weekend!! What do you have planned? Well, before I head out on any adventures this weekend, I’d like to share my picks of the week with you first. I just love this Girl Scout Cookie Sales Booth that Laura made – you can get the details on how to make it at her blog [...]

A Dance Show – Photo Story by Victoria


This is a guest post/photo story by one of our Doll Diaries readers – Victoria who is 9 years old. Enjoy. *** With all the snow days we’ve been having we decided to create a dance story for you! I love dance and dance all the time. This year our team is going to Disney [...]

Oh No, One More! A Mini Photo Story

1 Elsie

My little Patience keeps me company throughout my work day, she rules the work office!  She always amazes me with her personality, let’s take a look at what happened today…… Elsie is her name and she is very photogenic, she was a little scared this morning because the day started very gloomy and raining.  I [...]

Sunday Showcase for March 2


Good morning!  It looks like another week of fun and adventures for your dolls! Let’s take a look. From Julia L – Who’s the little hoot up in that tree? It’s Patience with Wilde Imagination, of course. From Agnieszka - I have taken this photo so that you can compare the three types of dolls. Standing [...]

Doll Diaries Picks for the Week Ending March 1


I hope you are having a great afternoon! I caught up on my reading earlier but wanted to get the giveaway post up before sharing my picks for this week. Expect to hear more about Paola Reina dolls as they enter the North American market – Diana did her Toy Fair report on the Paola [...]

Who Wore It Best – Doll Diaries Shirt


One of the winners of our October Reader Photo Contest (I know what you are thinking – when will we have another one… soon, maybe even as soon as next week) sent in photos of three of her dolls modeling the shirt she won. I thought it just too cute not to share. *** From [...]

Dr Di TLC – How To Do a Mini Photo Story

10 Dr Di

Dr Di was reviewing her mail, when she came across a most interesting request from a dear fan.  Dr Di took some time to think on how she could respond to the dear fan. Here is letter Dr Di received, so let’s take a look at Dr Di’s response…. What makes a good mini photo [...]

Tell A Story

tell a story

What a beautiful day and while Char finishes working on another set of Toy Fair Reviews, let’s have some fun!   It is your turn to share with us your story using this picture.  Use your imagination and creativity to tell us your story or do a review on what you see and write it in [...]

Sunday Showcase for February 23

Jane paper dress

Welcome back Sunday Showcase! Let’s take a look at what your dolls have been up to! From Carol - Here are Molly, Molly, and Molly enjoying a RARE snowfall in Eastern N.C. From Julia L-J – Patience picked out her own dolls, a mini-Lalaloopsy and her baby sister. Can you guess what Patience’s favorite color is? [...]

2014 Train Trip Fun

1 a surprise for olaf

What an adventure to attend the 2014 Toy Fair!  A time to meet manufactures and their new products for our “Doll World” and make new friends, but as with all adventures it does come to an end and time to go home.  But wait the fun is not over!  We met a lot of friends [...]