UPDATED – What Do We Know So Far About the American Girl GOTY 2015?

American Girl GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas

THIS JUST IN! American Girl official debuted Grace and some of her collection on Good Morning America this morning.  Here is the link to the video of Grace’s big reveal: https://gma.yahoo.com/video/american-girl-doll-reveals-2015-130835684.html If you are going to the American Girl store January 1-3, they are going to be giving each girl a doll-sized apron as a souvenir. […]

American Girl of the Year 2014 – What We Know So Far – UPDATED


UPDATED! We know that the American Girl of the Year 2014 is named ISABELLE and she is a blonde haired ballerina. Here is a photo: For more photos and additional updates go to this post. The American Girl of the Year (GOTY) 2014 book descriptions are on Amazon now. There are three books listed on […]

UPDATED with Pictures! Saige American Girl of the Year 2013 – What We Know So Far


UPDATE 11/2/2012 with photo of the DOLL Saige American Girl of the Year 2013    Here is a photo of American Girl GOTY 2013 Saige that her whole meet outfit including her cute boots. These two photos are directly from an anonymous source who gave me permission to post the photos she took.  All I […]

New American Girl Historical will be Caroline Abbott


UPDATED! The American Girl Caroline Abbott book covers and additional items have been added at Amazon. Caroline’s Boxed Set with Game Meet Caroline! Book 1 Caroline’s Secret Message – Book 2 A Surprise for Caroline – Book 3 Caroline Takes a Chance – Book 4 Caroline’s Battle – Book 5 Changes for Caroline – Book […]

St. Louis to Get An American Girl Store

american girl 2012

UPDATE 2/8/12 – If you go to the American Girl site and look for events, the St. Louis location has events listed for the beginning of May. I am going to guess (operative word guess) that they will be doing their grand opening the first weekend in May. As of now, you cannot book Bistro […]

Updated American Girl of the Year 2012 – What We Know So Far

american girl 2012

It’s that time of year again! The time of year where American Girl doll fans of all ages start to wonder… they want to know… they just can’t wait… for the American Girl of the Year for the coming year. In this case it means we are all wanting to know just who the American […]

Updated with New Pictures – The New American Girl Historical Characters

Inside Meet Marie-Grace - friends and family

UPDATED May 25, 2011!! Thanks to Gabriela who has been lucky enough to see the books first hand at the book publisher’s show and is sending me pictures. Meet Marie-Grace and Meet Cécile book covers. Cecile lives with her sculptor father, businesswoman mother, older brother, grandfather, widowed aunt and her son. She also has an […]

UPDATED – New American Girl Historical Dolls Coming Summer 2011


UPDATE!! We now know that there will be two new historical characters from American Girl this year and their names are…. Marie-Grace and Cécile!  Meet Marie-Grace will be authored by Sarah Masters Buckey and Meet Cécile will be authored by Denise Lewis Patrick. What we don’t know is if one of the dolls is a […]

Scoop – 2011 Historical Doll Information


UPDATE: A new historical doll is on its way. According to American Girl, girls who are on the 25th anniversary cruise will be introduced to the new historical doll: New Historical Character Event Your girl can be one of the first to enjoy this in-depth introduction to the newest addition to our historical character line. […]

Will There Be Two New American Girl Historicals in 2010?

One thing I am certain of when it comes to the American Girl doll collecting community is that once there is rumor of a new doll, they become very impatient for new information. We just want to know all the details as soon as possible. For 2010 what we know so far, is that we […]

Scoop – American Girl Lanie Book Cover Revealed

Lanie's Real Adventures

Thanks to some amazing sleuthing and generous sharing from a Doll Diaries reader – here is the photo of the Lanie book cover. And UPDATED with the cover art for the second book, Lanie’s Real Adventures. According to the book cover, Lanie is NOTHING like we expected her to look – but it was fun […]

The American Girl of the Year (GOTY) 2010 Will Be Lanie

American Girl doll Girl of the Year GOTY 2010 Lanie

UPDATE: Here is what the cover of the book looks like: As the release date for the American Girl of the Year – GOTY 2010 gets closer and closer, we are starting to get more clues as to who she is and what her stories will be all about. I think we can confirm that […]

Barbie Releasing Exclusive TRU Twilight Bella and Edward Dolls

Bella and Edward Twilight Movie Barbie dolls

The Twilight movie phenomenom is coming to the Barbie collection. Toys “R” Us will being selling exclusive Bella and Edward “Barbie and Ken” dolls in October 2009. The Canadian TRU already has the dolls available for pre-sale but they won’t ship until late November. Characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are dressed in their trademark […]

Scoop – First Pictures of Rebecca Rubin – American Girls’ Next Historical Doll

American Girl doll new historical Rebecca Rubin

Thank you Madison, a Doll Diaries reader, for sharing a scan of a mailer she received announcing the debut of Rebecca Rubin, the next historical doll from American Girl. She definitely is pretty and while she has some similarities to Samantha, she is truly beautiful and unique. Her story sounds very exciting – she is […]

Scoop New American Girl Rebecca Book Titles

UPDATED! To see the first pictures of the Rebecca book covers visit the First Pictures of Rebecca post – and we just added the newest sneak peek picture of Rebecca from American Girl. It looks like American Girl will be releasing their new doll in the historical collection, Rebecca,  in late May or early June […]

Scoop – New Catalog Items Including Chrissa’s Collection


Some lucky individuals have already received their new catalogs with the pictures of all the new items, like Chrissa’s collection (cute swim suit, kickboard, sundress, pet llama!!), Kit’s reporter dress, new Bitty Baby items, and the new pets. Below are the scans that a member at AGFMB made and gave me permission to post here. […]

Picture of Chrissa American Girl of the Year 2009


ANOTHER UPDATE!  The rumors are true – not only will there be Chrissa the Girl of the Year for 2009, American Girl is releasing two best friends dolls with her – Gwen (blonde) and Sonali (dark hair). The dolls are being released January 1, 2009.

Rumors of Next American Girl Historical Doll

Rumor has it that the next American Girl Historical character will be Rebecca, a Jewish girl from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Since that time period is very close to the one for Samantha, I wonder if the release of this new doll is the reason for Samantha’s archiving. No word yet on a […]

12 Dream Toys for Girls in 2008

Each holiday season we speculate as to which toys are going to be hot! Toy News Magazine released its Dream Dozens lists for the 2008 holiday season recently. The 12 toys expected to be big hits with girls (I would say ages 4-9 or so) include:

What’s New at Doll Diaries

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