All You Need is a Little Patience

Wilde Imagination Patience

Now that we have a good camera again and things are basically unpacked, Natalie and I are working through a bunch of photography, reviews and getting some great giveaways ready for you. It was nice to unpack the very photogenic Patience from Wilde Imagination and take her out to do some photography. Natalie had fun […]

Wilde Wednesday – Delicate Balance Ellowyne Review

8 that look

She is contagious, beautiful and what an attitude!  Who is she?  Ellowyne, of course!  I keep telling myself, no more Ellowyne dolls, you have a complete collection, well then Wilde Imagination runs a sale and there is yet another Ellowyne that is unique, and must come home.   So which Ellowyne arrived? Delicate Balance Ellowyne is […]

Wilde Discovery

Ellowyne Wilde

I know quite a few of you have been asking for more Wilde Imagination Ellowyne photos and guess what? It’s your lucky day! I was just looking through one of my camera cards and I found some absolutely STUNNING photos that Natalie took of the Ellowynes this summer. She has posted some of them on […]

Wilde Wednesday – Patience and the Fairy Door

Wilde Imagination Patience Alice in Wonderland

Hi! Natalie here. It was such a gorgeous day yesterday I had to go out and take some fun pictures. So let’s take a look! Patience was taking a walk around the neighborhood and stopped to take a rest when she saw an odd door near a tree. “My, what is this?” Patience looked at […]

Wilde Thursday? A Quick Look at Ellowyne Fitting In

Ellowyne Fitting In

Wilde Wednesday on a Thursday? Yep, Natalie here, and I’d like to introduce you to the newest Ellowyne in the doll room. It’s been quite a while since we have added to our Ellowyne collection and I have been wanting Ellowyne Fitting In forever. Luckily my Mom made me wait and she got Ellowyne Fitting […]

Welcoming Patience – A Mini Photostory

Wilde Imagination Patience Alice in Wonderland

Hello girls, Natalie here! Today I have a very exciting photostory for you. I know you all have been waiting for more photos of the special gift my Mom received from the Tonner Doll team at Toy Fair so I decided to show you what happened when this gift arrived. Lets get started! Thump, thump! […]

Wilde Wednesday – Elle is Merry and Bright


Ellowyne decided to show you her version of the new American Girl exclusive Merry and Bright outfit. Elle wonders if it was really made for Cinderella…   Do you have any doll dresses that remind you of the Merry and Bright outfit? 

Holiday Baking with Ellowyne


Madelon and Ellowyne are getting in the holiday spirit today and doing some baking!  Madelon found this Festive Holiday Bottle Apron by For Keeps at the grocery. It was less than four dollars on sale. Ellowyne thinks it is perfect for doing her holiday baking today. The apron slips over her head and ties in […]

Never in my Wildest Imagination

9 so long

The Grand Entrance of this Ellowyne was an event to be captured in this story….. As my Ellowynes and Pru were called upon to come to the Grand Parlor, they looked around and questioned why? Their question was soon answered, she was the Grand Lady of all!  She was stunning, what a beautiful gown!  In her […]

Wilde Wednesday – Elle and the Pumpkins


Happy Wilde Wednesday! Ellowyne is ready for Halloween and is on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin. She is trying to find one like the one she is holding. Yes, he looks a little worried – one never knows what those crazy Ellowyne girls will do next! This one should do! Now to figure out […]

Wilde Wednesday – Wilde Arrival

12all together

Oh look girls, this just arrived! Does the box look familiar? I will check it out, after all I rule here! Anyone in there? Where am I? Seems like I have been asleep for days. What a relief! That net was messing up my hair! Prudence am I, and who are you? We are the […]

Wilde Wednesday – Shoe Shopping and Clothes Swapping


It’s Wednesday already? Oh, yes! Trust me, Ellowyne doesn’t let me forget it.  BUSTED!! Elle is out shopping! For shoes, of course! Natalie set up a shoe store for the Ellowyne dolls using the Shoppe and Shoe signs from The Queen’s Treasures and now we can’t get those girls to stop shopping! Since Elle is […]

Mini Story- Patience has Musical Talent

i can play this

I was at Target last evening and they had some of the Barbie clothes on sale for $4.99, and I saw an outfit with a violin.  I picked it up, in case one of the girls showed any musical talent…To my surprise one did! Mini Story – Patience, the discovered talent! As I entered my […]

Wilde Wednesday – Keeping Up with Patience

Wilde Imagination Patience

I actually have quite a bit of Wilde Wednesday fun for you today! I’ll start with some of Patience’s adventures thanks to Diana and I have some Ellowyne goodness from Madelon for later. *** Patience’s Pumpkin Adventure  Howdy All! Look what I have found!  I borrowed some clothes from my H2H friends, and I have […]

Wilde Wednesday – Elle Picks Her Pumpkin


Happy Wilde Wednesday! Ellowyne is spending this crisp fall day on the search for the perfect pumpkin for the doorstep. I was so excited when I found this red metal wagon at our local Rite Aid for 50 percent off of ten dollars! The pumpkin/gourd came from Rite Aid, too. I borrowed a red plaid […]

Wilde Wednesday – Elle Unfiltered

Wilde Imagination Dark Days Ellowyne Wilde in Plaid to Meet You

Hey all, Elle here! Have you missed me? Yeah, I have missed you, too. Nothing like having those 18″ dolls stealing my spotlight all.summer.long!!!  I mean they are pleasant enough, but Char obviously forgot that I am more fun to photograph than any doll in that crazy office of hers. After all, I have more […]

Wilde Wednesday – Lunch with Patience

Patience from Wilde Imagination

Diana here! I had to take a little break, so I invited Patience (new and already sold out, by Wilde Imagination) to have a little lunch with me.  It is so pretty today, we took our lunch to the patio deck. Patience loves tacos, ice tea and ice cream, but wait what is it Patience? […]

Wilde Wednesday – It’s Never Too Early


Madelon here! I know it is only September, but our Ellowyne likes to be prepared for everything. She found a Disney Princess Rapunzel dress in our doll clothes stash and decided to try it on as a potential Halloween costume. Ellowyne has just gotten her Halloween costume and has to try it out. She decided […]

Wilde Wednesday – Introducing Patience

Wilde Imagination Patience

Diana here! This summer Wilde Imagination (makers of our very favorite Ellowyne dolls) released a fun new girl – her name is Patience, she is 14″ tall, has 14 points of articulations (can you say POSEABLE?) and she is so cute that her first release of 300 already SOLD OUT! Unbelievable. She is very cute […]

Wilde Wednesday – Ellowyne Goes Royal


Madelon here! Well, Ellowyne was so excited that the birth of the royal baby happened during camp Doll Diaries royal week she had to get her princess on. Ellowyne doesn’t usually go for pink, but she had to put on this ball gown to celebrate. “Oh, those roses scratch my neck…” muttered Ellowyne. There is a […]